May Blog Challenge

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Old School

I have been invited by the most fabulous Paula at Paula's Place.  Paula and I go all the way back to March (though I feel like I have known her longer).  I cannot wait to one day to meet her (soon!).

Here we go:

Five things I have a passion for: 

My family

Five things I'd like to learn before I die: 

How to be an architect
How to build a website from scratch
Everything Photoshop has to offer (I have only scratch the surface)
How to not feel guilty when I have to tell someone No
To be more content with myself and not bee to much of a perfectionist

Five things I say a lot

Dammit Delilah (my poor pug, she just wants to be loved on all.the.time)
I love you (that was Elexis' contribution)
When I am in the car: Get out of my way!!
No kidding! (this is one I have been working on breaking)

Five books and/or magazines you have read lately

Cinderella Pact
Secrets of a Shoe Addict
I have started Harry Potter (no, I have not read them daughter has read them all 3 or 4 times)

Five Favorite Movies

Beauty and the Beast
Breakfast Club
Fast Five
Journey 2

Five Places I would like to travel to:

Definitely to visit a few special bloggers in my life
Pretty much all of Europe
Definitely all 50 states (I would like to tour all the capitals)

Five People I invite to do this meme: 
(please do not feel obligated)
(and, I invite anyone who wants to do it)

Lizzy @ Lizzy's Place
Jasmine @ The Happy Sloths

There were other's but they were already tagged.  


  1. Oooh fun, I will do this! Thanks for the tag!
    I always wanted to learn how to use photoshop actually, never got a chance to though, maybe one day.....

    1. Photoshop is an awesome tool. I went through a 38 week class and I still feel like I am still a novice at it. I am working on it everyday though.

  2. Totally gonna do it! Only have a short post today anyway. ;) Depending on what you mean by "website" (how complicated you would want it to be) basic html still works and isn't overly difficult to learn. I think everyone I knew in high school had their own personal website. Well... amongst my nerdier friends anyways. lol

    1. I would like to build from the ground up, I have been pretty good with )as my husband describes it) what you see is what you get. I think I will settle right now for revamping my blog.

  3. Thanks for participating Cristy! Wasn't it fun? I used to say 'dammit Danny' at lot with my oldest son and one day my mom said....I thought his Name was Daniel Van Alan, not dammit Danny'. We have always laughed about that


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