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Saturday, July 27, 2013

My love for my phone...

Day 27: Do you have a smartphone? Tell us why you love it.

Yes, I have an iPhone 4S.  The only reason I don't have a 5 is because they changed to plug and it makes me mad to have to change all my chargers.  I have had an iphone since the very first one.  I love all the technology in it.  It is my calendar, my camera (at times), my address and phone book, my gps, my online price comparison tool, my media outlet, my portable radio with a ton of songs, my alarm clock, my face time with my nephew and sister who live far away from me, and so much more.  Now saying that, I am not a slave to my phone.  I have gone places without it.  I refuse to answer it during dinner or when I am talking with someone.  It irks me when I am trying to talk someone and they have their attention on their phone.  If the new iPhone is only minor tweaks when it comes out; I may jump ship and go to Samsung.  My husband has the two and my daughter has the three and I really like them.  I will more than likely stick with my iPhone.  I am not big on change.

Photo Day 27: Shadow
The shadow from a bench.  I loved the swirls.


  1. Hey Cristy,
    thank you for the love on my blog.
    It was back in either 2005/2006.
    I had gone off all my depression medication to please my husband.
    He hates me taking medication.
    So I went off it and two weeks later came falling down.
    Any new medications would take at least a week to kick in so my doctor ( I have been with her 25 years) suggested a short dose of a drug called Zyprex to hold me over until the new meds kicked in.
    From there on its a bit fuzzy.
    I was only on it for 3 days, i slept 30 hours straight then woke up on day three and my ability to speak was affected.
    At first it seemed short term and all over my face but over the last few years it seems centred on the right side.
    No can explain it.
    I was told I have symptoms of a mini stroke. One thing i know is that all the meds i take now accent it, so its difficult to treat my depression/anxiety condition.
    Sorry to bang on but thank you for the concern. It felt very genuine. Lisa x

  2. Lisa, If the opportunity ever arises, when we meet, I will listen to you for as long as you want to talk. Any time you want to email and not have to worry about editing it, you go ahead. I hate when people feel inferior to others especially their family. I know that feeling and I don't like it. I think that is what the ultimate diagnosis for my friend was a mini stoke. She was only in her early 30's when it happened.

  3. Awesome shadow picture. A friend of mine had an iPhone and loved it. I've never seen one for free on the Sprint site when it's time for me to upgrade so I haven't gotten to try one yet. lol Right now I have a Kyocera Milano. It may not be the smartest of smart phones, but it was free so... yeah. It's smart enough. ;)

    1. Free is awesome!!! I think they are starting to offer the older ones free if you sign a two year contract through ATT. Or it may be $50...I don't really remember. My daughter wanted your phone because she likes the slide out keyboard. I love shadow pictures. I need to take more.


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