May Blog Challenge

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Double Edged Sword

Day 13: If you could choose, would you be rich or healthy?

I am going to take a different approach on this one.  I would want to be rich with love and happiness and have tons of healthy relationships.  Ok, real answer:

I definitely could be rich.  Monetary wise.  If I were rich I would be able to afford to eat better.  If I got sick, I would be able to afford to find the best doctors.  I could afford a personal trainer.

 Poverty generally leads to unhealthiness.  Look at the poverty nations and look at their death rates.  Rich is a relative term though.  Those nations often look at the poorest of poor people in our country and still think they are rich.  Also, just because your rich doesn't mean you can avoid tragedy.  Look at Heath Ledger or Marilyn Monroe or Whitney Houston.  All rich, but unhealthy souls which lead to their deaths.  Or JFK and JFK jr.  Both rich, but couldn't avoid tragedy and died at young ages.

I think I would choose middle class and work on both of them.  And that is my final answer!!

Photo Day 13: Emotion:

Found this cute little sign about love.  And, because I blog and have made some great friendships, I decided to share.


  1. I picked rich. Just to not have to worry about money for a month would be a treat.

    1. I hear you!! I hate that everything costs so much these days.

  2. You point is well made Cristy! But I still pick Rich

  3. Very well said, and cute sign. :-)

  4. OMG That's what I was thinking. Wealth can buy health. Easy answer. lol

  5. I wanna be rich. I just wanna fix all the shit that I want fixed without having to put ANYTHING on credit...and then go back to "normal" :)


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