May Blog Challenge

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday Stealing (on a Monday...shhh)

The Have You Ever Meme 

1) Have you ever gotten lost in a maze?  No, I have a really good sense of direction and have a really good memory.  

2) Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?  Do mosquitos count?  haha  Just the lorakeets at the zoo.  They sense my fear of birds and prey on it.

3) Have you ever ridden a camel? No, but I have an elephant.

4) Have you ever pet a rat? No

5) Have you ever been a member of a gym? Yes, I am currently...I guess I should go.

6) Have you ever been in a helicopter? Not that I recall. 

7) Have you ever cheated at a test? Probably when I was younger.  But, I am pretty sure the statute of limitations have ran out.  ha!

8) Have you ever ridden a tractor? Absolutely!  I learned to drive on a tractor.  

9) Have you ever passed wind/gas in an embarrassing situation? Probably, but I really don't remember.

10) Have you ever played the bongos? I wouldn't consider it "playing" as much as I would consider it just banging.

11) Have you ever handled a snake? Yes

12) Have you ever assembled furniture by yourself? I love to assemble furniture by myself.  That way there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen.

13) Have you ever been scuba diving? No

14) Have you ever had a disastrous interview? No

15) Have you ever sold your services? Yes, both as a photographer and a baker.

16) Have you ever raised money for charity?  Yes, March of Dimes.

17) Have you ever won a giant sized cuddly toy from a fair? No, I did break a mirror once.

18) Have you ever milked a cow? Yes

19) Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you? haha... I have recently started saying it to Elexis.

20) Have you ever invented a fairly unique meal or drink?  As long as we use the term fairly unique and not "holy crap what were you thinking".  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two weeks until Christmas...

So I bought my Christmas gift for someone other than Elexis last night.  Yeah, it's two weeks before Christmas and I haven't bought anything except for my child.  I have really taken the ostrich approach to Christmas this year.  I don't know if it is because I feel behind because we went on vacation for Thanksgiving or what.  P.S. - I am totally all for going on vacation for Thanksgiving - no family drama!  So I guess I will be marathon Christmas shopping for everyone else.  Thanks to ebates and amazon, I did buy my nephews' gifts and had them mailed directly to them (they live in South Carolina and New York).  My mom is both easy and hard this year.  Easy because she still needs so much after losing her house, but hard because I don't really know what to get her.  I know I am making her a frame and putting one of our cruise pictures in it, and I bought a potato masher last night for her (the first gift).  I am just happy this is the first year that my kid has been super easy to buy for.  She is in to so many things right now.

I don't think that my family is into Christmas mode either.  Every year, I put up the tree and put the garland on.  Then, my husband and daughter decorate the tree with the ornaments.  I might put a few on, but it is mainly them.  This year, I put up the tree, garland and decorated that sucker by myself.  I saved my daughter's special ornaments to hang on the tree herself, and she still hasn't done it.  The angel doesn't go on until all the ornaments are on....the angel still sits beside the tree.  Maybe I will motivate my family to do this tonight.  I know that my mom is not much into the Christmas spirit this year.  I don't blame her.  My mother in law gave her her big Christmas tree because she likes to have a small tree.  On Sunday we took the tree to my mom and set it up for her.  It still sits naked and undecorated.  I think my mom is going to the lake this weekend, so my daughter and I will go over and decorate the tree for her.  So I guess none of my family is feeling Christmas yet.  I will take pictures of the ornaments that I have made and (hopefully) finish my wreath and take pictures of it.  I also made my tree skirt this year.  I still need to embroider it with Mickey and Minnie though.

Alright, enough procrastinating.  The stores await.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Stealing

I haven't done one of these in a good long while, so I am very much overdue.

1) Are you psychic in any way? I do believe I have had deja vu dreams

2) Are you a good dancer?  I wouldn't call myself good, but I can at least step to a beat

3) Are you a good singer?  In my shower or in my car I am Whitney Houston

4) Are you a good cook?  I would consider myself a good cook.

5) Are you a good artist?  At drawing, creating, I would think so

6) Are you a good listener?  YES!  I am an excellent listener.  

7) Are you a good public speaker?  Yes, Public speaking doesn't scare me. 

8) Are you a good babysitter? Yes, and coincidentally so is my daughter who has no siblings.

9) Are you a good mechanic?  Haha!  I can jump a battery and change a tire...

10) Are you a good diplomat? I really don't know.

11) Are you a good employee?  Yes, I have always had high praises from my bosses. 

12) Are you a good dresser?  My wardrobe is jeans (or capris) and some sort of tshirt or hoodie (usually Disney themed)

13) Are you a good swimmer? Yes, been doing it all my life.

14) Are you a good skier?  NO!  I am good at falling down a mountain with skis on my feet.

15) Are you a good gift giver?  Yes, for the most part.  Some people are just hard to buy for.

16) Are you a good musician?  No, that would be my cello and piano playing daughter.  

17) Are you a good comedian?  I am good at making people laugh.

18) Are you a good cleaner?  When I am in the mood.  

19) Are you a good actor?  Yes

20) Are you a good writer? Mmm.  I am not sure.  I probably could be. 

I may be back

So, I lost it.  I lost all mojo for those things I found joy in.  My year has been trying, but I know so many other people's have too.  I got to where I didn't want to do anything.  I stopped reading blogs; I definitely stopped writing my blog.  I didn't have to passion for crafting, baking, creating, taking pictures, pretty much anything.  I believe I had fell into some sort of depression, but I wasn't depressed (if that makes any sense).  Instead of writing about it, I did what I do best and pulled away. For Thanksgiving this year, we went on a cruise.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have never wanted to take a cruise.  I have a very real fear of being trapped and I had convinced myself that I was going to be trapped on this boat.  The only way my family was going to convince me to get on a ship was if it was a Disney cruise.  And, the stipulation was added on that I got to go to Disney World before or after the cruise.  Disney World was awesome as always.  We also did the new Diagon Alley Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  Then we boarded the ship.  I can honestly say I had the best time on the cruise.  It was so much fun and I believe, because of Disney magic, I got my mojo back.  This week all I have wanted to do is craft, sew, bake, and create.  I have so many ideas that I want to see happen.  This morning I woke up and it hit me...I wanted to blog again.  I am so excited to get back to reading about my favorite friends' lives, and writing about my own.  I am still busy as ever, but I am going to commit to at least four times a week.