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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Memories...of my vacation

Day 28: What has been your best vacation memory?

Ahh, I have so many....I will write about two of them.

October 2007 - Seeing the Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle for the first time.  Yes, I burst into tears the moment I saw it.  I never dreamed that I would get to go to Disney World.  It was an awe moment for me.  Even thinking about it now, I get teary eyed.  We stayed at the Polynesian for 8 days and Magic Kingdom was one monorail stop over.  I went there every day while my husband and Elexis swam at the hotel pool.  Every day I would go to Main Street USA and just sit and admire that castle and soak it in.  I cried the day we left.  I didn't want to leave.  I visited the castle one last time before we had to board our shuttle.  When we went back again in 2011, I cried again the first time I saw it...again. I was so happy to be "home".

July 2007 - NYC - Beauty and the Beast
For our 10 year anniversary, hubby surprised me with a trip to NYC.  It had always been at the very tip top of my bucket list to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.  He gave me a card on July 1st that had Beauty and the Beast tickets in it.  There was also the traveling show playing in Tulsa around that same time.  I thought the tickets were for the Tulsa show.  He told me to look at the tickets closer.  When I saw that they said NYC, I burst out crying and jumped in his arms and hugged him tightly.  He was making my dream come true (I am crying just thinking about the overwhelming joy I had experienced). Even better for me, the BatB show was closing at the end of the month.  The show was amazing!  The costumes were fantabulous.  I cried when I walked into the theatre and I cried during the finale.  I am so very happy that I got to experience my dream.  We went to NYC the following year and I got to fulfill bucket list #2 item and see Grease.  It was excellent, but it will never beat Beauty and the Beast.  ANYTIME I can find Beauty and the Beast performed, I will go watch it.  Adults, kids, dogs...whatever I will go watch it.  Now I just need to go back to NYC and see Lion King and I will be complete on my Broadway Bucket List.

So both of my vacation memories revolve around Disney.  And, if you haven't noticed I cry very easily.    My husband says I am sensitive, I say I have a big heart full of love and it spills over a

Photo Day 28: Old
 Here is a picture of my old elementary school.  Besides the trashcans now being cemented into the ground, the school has not changed.  It has always been 4 doors down from my grandma's.  My walk to school was very short.  I remember staring out of those windows and daydreaming a lot.  I would love to visit the inside of the school one of these days.  I love the distinctive smell of elementary school.


  1. Someday I will have to tell the story of our trip to Disney World in 2011 before Richard's stroke. Your husband sounds like a special guy and it sounds like he knows just the things that will make you happy. I hope to go to NYC someday, but sadly it will have to be without my Richard

    1. Yes, he does know what will make me happy. He also knows what will tick me off. NyC is awesome! I still would love to live there for a year just to soak in the culture. There is always something to do. Tons and tons of street festivals that you just stumble on. I saw so many things. Next time I go, I want to go to New Jersey. I have been a bridge away two different times (NY and Philly). Maybe you and I could take a road trip to visit Allison and stop in NYC on the way.

  2. Oh wow! Your old school kind of looks like the one where I first went to kindergarten. ^_^ That was in New Jersey, though. I like how it just says "Elementary School" on the sign. That tickles me. Also love your Cinderella castle story! That's so sweet it makes me want to cry, too. Hope you get to go back someday.

    1. Haha!! I never noticed until I took the picture that it just said Elementary School. Just shows that it is a very small town. No need for formality. Hopefully I get to go back next year. I love that place. I will probably cry again.

  3. always lovely to read your posts Cristy xx

  4. Reading all your memories from this post, I'm not surprise that it's one of the best you have. Visiting Cinderella's castle and staying in a nice hotel where your kids loved all the swimming-time and more. I wish for you to have more vacations like this in years to come. Enjoy! John Park @


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