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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Zoo Days

I have been to the zoo three times in the past four weeks.  I love the zoo.  I still have a few pictures to edit from my last zoo visit, but here are some from yesterday.  We went specifically to pet and feed the stingrays at the now opened Stingray Bay.  Right now, that is my daughter's favorite animal(?).  She had a blast feeding them.  There were about three dozen stingrays.  The babies were about four weeks old.  We also decided to do what I have nicknamed "the back 40".  Its the stretch of zoo that is in the very back that is just wild dogs like the hyena.  Hardly anybody goes to it.  Once they get to the giraffes people stop and turn around.  I haven't been back there in a few years.  Now I know why.  We saw one dog.  He was so ugly he was cute.  The area looked neglected even though I know the animals are not. I know they are working on a renovation for these animals, but I still feel sorry that no one comes to look at them.  Here are some pictures that I took yesterday:
Elexis feeding the giraffe!  That creepy guy in the background works for the zoo.  I'm not leaving my kid unattended!! ha.

Couldn't pass it up!!  I love this!!

I think here, she is saying "this is my good side".

The one wild dog we got to see.  African Wild Dog.  So ugly it's cute.

The okapi posed for me.  Elexis said she was saying "check out the stripes on my butt!"

The goats always crack me up!  They were all staring at a closed door.  The black and white one kept jumping the fence into the sheep pen.

The flamingos protecting their eggs on their nests.  

Something ruffled his feathers!  I like his fancy strut.

Too pretty not to take a picture of.

Feeding the stingray.  She said it felt like a vacuum suction.

Look at all the stingrays!

Petting the stingrays

Love the giraffes.


  1. OMG I miss going to the zoo... So jealous. Great pics!

    1. Thanks!! I love the zoo. I go a lot. Usually to take pictures. :)

  2. You and I need to take our cameras to the zoos and just have a blast!

    HOW COOL to feed the rays!


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