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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Cookies

My poor baby girl came home sick from school today.  She threw up during her first hour.  That nasty stomach virus has hit our house.  Knock on some serious wood, I don't get household would fall apart.

So tomorrow, since I may be homebound; I think I will make these cookies.

The picture and the recipe both came from here.

I have made them before when I was a girl scout leader.  I think my nephew (who will be at my dads in just a few short hours) will love these.  Of course I will totally take pictures.  :)

I am joining my friend Paula in blogging about Thanksgiving all this month.  


  1. These are so cute. I hope Elexis is better soon. Harley came home coughing and hacking. I sure hope Richard doesn't get it!

    1. Yeah, you have the extra stress of someone with a compromised immune system. Any illness cannot be good in your house. She is feeling a little better today, but still sickly. At least no more throwing up.


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