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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Broccoli Cheese and Rice Casserole

My grandma made the best broccoli cheese and rice casserole.  I am sure she just used the standard ingredients, but was amazing.  I always sat closest to that pan of deliciousness so I could get it first.  I have collected a few recipes from around the web.  I am anxious to see if any of them are just as good.  I don't really like cheese now, so I doubt any of them would taste good anyway...haha.

The first one is just a standard go to recipe.  Some of the pictures I came across, did not look pretty.  This is similar to the dish my grandma served it in.

This recipe and picture came from here.

I found a healthier version that didn't use any cans.  It involves mushrooms.  I would already have a hard time convincing my family to eat it without the addition of mushrooms.

Both recipe and picture came from here.

And lastly here is a recipe with a twist.  It can be made gluten free and this one uses quinoa in place of the rice.  

Both recipe and picture came from here.

One of these days I will make this.  I will definitely have to scale down how much I make.  I don't think the picky eaters in family would like it.  I know you can add chicken to it and make it a dinner.  Or, leftover turkey with the leftovers the day after Thanksgiving.

I have joined my friend Paula in talking about Thanksgiving every day this month.  


  1. This used to be one of Richard's favorite things to eat. I will have to give it a try. Since his stroke he has changed his eating habits so much that I wonder if he will still like it. This week he decided that he no longer likes lasagna! Can you imagine that?

    1. Oh no! Lasagna is a staple in our house. One of the few foods everyone can agree on.

  2. Oh man that sounds delicious.... now I'm hungry again...


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