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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh Pie...

I have been requested to bring pie for Thanksgiving at my dad's.  I can make a great pie, but sometimes Mrs. Smith's is better (at least she is consistent).  I make an awesome from scratch (except the crust...something I may attempt this year) apple pie; but this year I have been asked to bring a pumpkin pie.

I cannot stand anything pumpkin (except the scent in candle form).  None of my family like pumpkin pie with the exception of my brother; who doesn't speak to any of us that will be present.  I have no idea why I am making a pumpkin pie.  More than likely, I will make both pies so I know at least one will get eaten.  I think I will go with this recipe for streusel pumpkin pie. Or, I might goes with this recipe for Paula Deen's pumpkin pie.  Not sure which yet.  All I know is, I will not be bringing home leftovers...ha!


  1. LOL I never do crusts either. Not since the year one made me cry... >_>

    1. That sounds like a good must share.

  2. I don't eat pumpkin pie either....I bought mine from the Schwan Man...


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