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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you dress or stuff?

Dressing versus Stuffing...

Who knew there was such a debate over a Thanksgiving food.  Perhaps one of the biggest debates is whether it's called stuffing or dressing.  

I read up on this a couple of years ago.  Stuffing is when it is inside the bird, dressing is when it's prepared separately.  Now, experts are saying that you shouldn't eat stuffing at all because of the risk of salmonella because of the internal temperature of the turkey and all that jazz.  I personally have never had stuffing.  We always prepared ours separately.  

The next debate: What do you make your dressing with?  Cornbread/crackers/bread...ahh, the debate continues.  My mom (I have never made anything but stovetop stuffing) uses cornbread.  I think I have only had bread based dressing once.  I remember thinking the texture was slightly off.  My mom makes her dressing with loads of celery (which I love) and onion.  I have never had a fruit based dressing.  I would like to try an apple or cranberry dressing.  All I know is I don't want any nuts of any variety in my dressing.  I made the mistake of eating some one time that had pecans or walnuts (can't remember which) and even though I picked the nuts out; the entire thing tasted like nuts. Yuck!  

I usually only eat a little dressing on Thanksgiving.  There are too many other yummy yummy sides to choose instead.  Dressing is a great filler though.  If you want to feel full, eat a spoonful of dressing.  

Which do you eat? Stuffing or dressing?

I am joining my friend Paula in talking about Thanksgiving through the month of November.  


  1. We always have had both stuffing and dressing. I knew it was a hot topic because of my years on Weight Watchers.

    1. I don't think I have ever had stuffing, just dressing. People get so angry about it.

  2. We eat dressing made with cornbread, lots of celery and onions and sage. It's the way I've eaten it my entire life.

  3. We call it dressing but I stuff it in the bird and make an extra pan on the side. We love, love, love dressing at my house.

    1. So you do the best of both worlds. No debates in your house...heehee


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