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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanks for it all...

It's only fitting that today I give thanks for the freedoms I enjoy at the expense of another's life.  There are not enough words to express how deeply thankful I am to all military past and present.  These people voluntarily (mostly) offer up their lives so that I may have the freedom of typing this very sentence.  I have a brother in law in the Marines, a cousin in the Navy, several several friends in the Air Force (I do live right next to an Air Force Base), and a brother in law and my brother in the Army.  My grandpa was a fighter pilot in WWII.  I have other countless extended family that is also currently serving or have served.  I am happy that there is a day just to honor these men and women, but honestly I honor them any chance I get.  If that means paying their parking meter, buying them lunch, just telling them thank you, I will do it.  

I am joining my friend Paula in posting about Thanksgiving every day in November.  


  1. *ugh* This one is so hard for me, so I'll just say that I'm very glad that living next to an air force base hasn't jaded you as much as living next to Ft Hood has me.

    1. Oh, believe me; some of the air force guys are real pricks! I have dealt with many of them when I worked for Starbucks. But, I have also met a bunch of really sweet and caring airmen. There is a huge display of patriotism in my city though.

    2. I'm glad you get a good mix. :) It's so cramped here (every time a base closes they get sent here) they're all just extra sardines at this point. :/


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