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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Blast from the Past

I am joining my friend Paula and talking about Thanksgiving the entire month of November.  So far, I am having a pretty good time with it.  It has brought back a lot of memories.  Today I share another.

Back in elementary school we always had a program for Thanksgiving.  It was usually put on by all grade levels.  You know the paper pilgrim hats and Indian headdresses.  We also had fake food and placemats and other fun things.  I always liked it when I got to be a pilgrim.  I liked the hats better.  We always had traditional Thanksgiving meal the week before the actual holiday.  Our parents and grandparents could come eat with us.  My grandma (my dad's favorite that I always talk about), always came and had lunch with me, my brother, and my two cousins.  

That was an exciting time to be at school, because we knew Christmas was on the way.  This is back in the day when our schools were allowed to celebrate holidays.  Oh, how I long to wear that construction paper pilgrim hat again.  I may just make one and wear it around my house.  ha!


  1. LOL, if you do be sure to take a selfie and share it with us

  2. I remember those days. Now schools have a winter program if they have one at all.


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