May Blog Challenge

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Fave Five

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

Yay, I like easy days in the challenge.  My favorite five (or more...I don't want to leave anyone out) blogs are (in random order):

Paula's Place - What can I say about this lady except that she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I met her through a March Blog Challenge (what?? it's only been 2 months since I discovered her?? it feels like I've been reading forever).  She is a true inspiration.  She is the primary caregiver of her husband who is at the end stages of Parkinson's.  She is also raising two of her grandchildren as her own.  She has been some amazing places and wonderful stories.  She is also my state neighbor to the North.

Ramsay Grace - One of my favorite people.  I honestly believe we could be soul sisters.  I have loved every minute of reading about her Mississippi life.  I also discovered her through the March Blog Challenge and have been reading every day since.  She is hilarious!!!  Her daughter turns 5 today, so Happy Birthday Ramsay.  One day I will make the 12 hour drive (yes, I googled it) to visit her and her nice little beach community.

Boss Nurse Speaks - Another of my March Challenge survivors.  I have recently started reading her archives (so Lisa, if you get random comments on 2 year old posts, you will know why).  She has been through so much.  I believe right now she is in a very happy spot.  She is living with her wonderful husband in a state she loves and recently reconnected with her daughter.  I cannot wait to hear more about all of her adventures.

What if this is as good as it gets? - yes, yet another March Challenge.  I only know her name as Kwizgiver.  I like the air of mystery.  She is a strong, independent teacher that I would have loved to have in school.  I love her lists (I am a fellow lister) and her poetry.  I have really enjoyed getting to know her more through this May Challenge.

Wrangling Chaos - I accidentally found her blog through another blog.  She is hilarious.  She has 4 kids, one being special needs.  Jess is very candid about her life and she keeps it real.  I have read through all of her archives and I loved it.  I have just now broken out of my shell to comment on some of her posts.

The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart - I have recently started reading her blog after she was on an episode of House Hunters.  She lives in Austin and is getting ready to have her first baby.  She and her husband look like very fun people to be around.  She also speaks about her relationship with the Lord and how much of a presence he is in their lives.  She also has the cutest French bulldog named Ernie.  I love dogs with squishy faces because we have one of our own; my pug Delilah.

Two new blogs that are quickly becoming favorites through this challenge are:

The Happy Sloths - I found Jasmine through the May challenge.  I was randomly clicking the links and I really really liked the name of the blog.  I love sloths, they are just so laid back and chill.  Anyway, back to her blog... She blogs about makeup and nail polish and pretty much all things girly.  I love the way she does her nails.  She has inspired me to start wearing more nail polish.  Her product reviews have gotten me interested in a few new things.  I definitely will be keeping up with her.

Travel Gourmande - I also found Arni through this challenge.  Her photographs are breath taking.  She blogs about traveling and experiences.  I really wish I could go to some of the places she has been.  I want to jump in her pictures.  I have really loved getting to know her through this challenge and will happily follow along virtually on her next adventure.

These blogs I will read every day (even if it is their archives).  I joined the March Challenge because I had only been blogging for about a month and I needed more structure to my posts.  Never did I realize I would find a group of amazing women I really wanted to get to know.  I am so happy I joined the May Challenge too.  I got to meet even more wonderful people and discover more about my March Challenge buddies.  You girls do not know how much you have enriched my life.  I really do look forward to reading about your lives for many years.  One of these years, I really hope to zig zag across America (and then jump overseas) to meet you fabulous women.

This is part of the May Blog Everyday Challenge hosted by Story of my life.


  1. You are more than sweet. And pretty amaZing yourself. Thank you so much for the blog love! I can feel it all the way over here in Kansas!

  2. Aww thanks for the mention :)

    Also, Kwizgiver's favorite picture of herself is hilarious!!!!

    1. Jasmine, I have loved getting to know you. I totally agree about Kwizgiver's picture. :)

  3. Got to say made my day with your sweet words! I so wish you would zip on down to MS and let me show you the Gulf Coast! You'd probably run screaming after a few hours with my crew, lol. Speaking of, Ramsay ended up with approximately 7 time outs on her birthday.....I felt really bad, but they were very much deserved.

    1. I think I would have a blast with your crew. I know my daughter would. Ramsay - poor girl going to have a rough 5th year if today is any I can't wait to hear what all went down.

  4. OOOH thanks for the links to new and interesting blogs! I'm ALWAYS looking for more! :)


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