May Blog Challenge

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's what I do

Day 6 - What do you do?  That is a loaded question.  It might be shorter if I told you what I didn't do (sleep like a normal person...for example).  But, here goes...

On a typical Monday - Friday
I am an alarm clock for my family
I am the breakfast provider
I am the note signer and ATM for lunch money
I am the personal chauffeur to school
I am the laundry doer
I am the dish washer
I am the maid
I am the petsitter
I am the domino player for 2 77 year olds and an 89 year old
I am the listener to piano practice and voice lessons
I am the listener for cello practice
I am the chauffeur home or other after school activities
I am the head chef of dinner
I am the primary scheduler and appointment setter
I am the costumer designer for a local drama school
I am the chauffeur of daughter and friends to various activities
I am the finder of lost items
I am the primary purchaser of groceries and household items
I am the general overseer of projects
I am the homework helper
I am the bedtime enforcer
Most importantly: I am the very proud Mom of my 13 year old daughter and the proud wife of my extremely smart husband.

Other things I do:
I bake...A LOT
I take pictures...A LOT
I work out...ehhh, I don't like to do this one as much, but I do.
I am a friend who will help out if I can
I am a great listener
I am a lover of God and prayer

I love my crazy busy life.  We usually have something going on most evenings and weekends.  I wouldn't change it.  I am trying to live life to the fullest.

What do you do?  Join Story of My Life to see what others do.


  1. It's overwhelming to break down the jobs we do on a regular basis, isn't it?

    1. Yes it is. I am sure I probably left some

  2. I like the list presentation, succinct!

    1. Thanks. It's the only way I knew how to get it all down...

  3. I am Tired, just reading your list. I'll bet you are a terrific mom and wife. I know you are a great friend

    1. Aww thanks, Paula. Some days I just want a nap. I can honestly say I think I am a good mom and wife. I think you are a terrific wife (and Nana) as well. It takes a lot to take in kids that weren't born to you and raise them as your own. I guess we just do what we need to do.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks. I am enjoying reading your blog. :)

  5. Whew! What a list, right? You're one busy lady, but with a happy, full life it sounds like. I'm so impressed by your list, especially the part about making costumes...that's huge!

    1. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I just take it one day at a time. lol I do like making costumes. It's really rewarding at the end of production to see all my hard work on stage.

  6. I love how you laid it all out. It's the truth!! You do a lot!! :)

  7. Boy! And you do most of that in one 24 hour day?!

    1. Most of it, some of it is only once a week things, but a lot of it I do every day.


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