May Blog Challenge

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A day in my life

Day 15 - A day in my life

I will describe my day today and what the proposed rest of the day is going to be like.

6:15 - Maroon 5 sings me awake.  I love you Maroon 5, but some mornings I really do not want to answer your wake up call.
6:30 - Wake the sleeping dragon beauty.
6:45 - Fix breakfast for Elexis
7:00 - Prod her along to finish getting ready for school
7:17 - Out the door, drop off at school, home by 7:40
7:45 - Start first load of laundry of the day
7:50 - Start the coffee pot
8:00 - Drink 1 cup of coffee, get dressed to go watch my friend's baby.
8:30 - 11 - Watch an 8 month old baby who has recently become mobile.  It's a crap shoot with this baby on whether he is going to be happy or whiny.  Today he was happy.  Last time I watched him, he screamed cried for a solid 45 minutes (with me trying EVERYTHING to soothe him), before finally falling asleep on my arm.
11:10 - Fold laundry already out of the dryer.
11:30 - Shower
12:00 - Start another load of laundry and fold more
12:15 - Finally sit down at the computer.  Start blog post
12:30 - Clean bathroom
12:45 - Finish blog post ~ Now proposed rest of the day hopefully goes.
1:00 - Hopefully switch out laundry
Sweep living room, bathroom and kitchen
Put away laundry
Pick Elexis and friend up from school
Go to store
Teach sewing class
Watch a 3 year old for about an hour
Take Elexis to dress rehearsal for recital this weekend
Feed children
Take Elexis' friend home
More laundry
Dinner for me
Bedtime for the kiddo
Watch a little tv and catch up on blogs
Collapse in bed to get ready for tomorrow.

Wednesdays are usually a busy day for me, but today seems exceptionally busy.  I am ready for a little bit of laid back days of summer.

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  1. Yikes 6:15 is early!!! I sometimes have to wake up at 5:30 for 8am classes, so I know that feeling lol

    1. Up that early is not fun when all I want to do is stay curled in my bed, but I do it. :) 5:30 is really early too. I remember those days in college too.

  2. Moms are the best, the energy and multitasking abilities never fail to fascinate me. I had to smile at the Maroon 5, I had a phase where I'd play their songs non-stop inside the car from track 1 till the end of their album, then back to track 1 again.

    1. I have loved Maroon 5 since they first came out. My daughter loves them too. My husband tolerates them. Moms do have a lot of multitasking abilities. I am sometimes amazed at that myself.

  3. Why oh why can't you live closer?! I've ALWAYS wanted to learn to sew and have tried following online directions. I think I'd do much better if I actually had someone standing over me. Sounds like a busy day for you, especially keeping a little one. You're a good friend to donate that service, lol. :-)

    1. We will get together one day, even if it is just to teach you to sew (even though I know there would be so much more than Turns out the baby had double ear infections while I was watching him. I kept telling his mom he was pulling at his ears. :(

  4. Such a busy day, I need a nap just reading it.

    1. Ahh, naps would be nice. School is out in 2 days...I have to keep repeating the phrase. :)

  5. How is it that we can keep this busy?

    1. I have NO idea. I think we just take it one step at a time. Some days I am in wonder how I got it all done.


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