May Blog Challenge

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 - Something I know a lot about - Procrastination

Day 2 I am supposed to educate you on something I know a lot about.  I could pick making yummy cookies or taking pictures of said cookies; but I chose to write about something I am an expert about.


I tell myself often that I need to get better at not putting things off and not getting distracted. But, I fail...often.  So today's blog post is about how to embrace the procrastination and work under pressure.

Here is the scene: It's Saturday and people are going to be coming over at 5 to a casual get together.  This is something you have known about for at least a week possibly longer.

Monday - Friday: Put off cleaning house and shopping "until tomorrow when I have more time".
Saturday: Wake up at 8 (even if you set your alarm for 6 so you have plenty of time)
8:05 - Grab a cup of coffee or oj or milk or any other beverage of choice
8:15 - Make a detailed to-do list for the day
8:30 - Eat breakfast to give you fuel for the day and well...your hungry
9:00 - Look at list.  Decide no one should be going in your bedroom, so you cross that off the list
9:15 - Jump on Pinterest because you swear you pinned something about cleaning your house in 15 minutes.  Get sucked into Pinterest vortex.
10:15 - Decide to change your entire menu for the evening
10:30 - Make a new grocery list
11:00 - Go to the grocery store and get ADD and look at decor and stuff to make your house smell good
12:30 - Unpack groceries
12:45 - Family whines they are hungry...make lunch
1:15 - Evaluate list again - decide to spot mop instead of real mop
1:30 - Finally go clean the bathroom
2:15 - Start prepping meal because one of the dishes takes 4 hours to chill in the fridge
3:15 - Start to freak out a little and whine to you your family have you feel you never have enough time
3:30 - Yell at family to clean their respective spaces.
4:00 - Hurriedly clean living room and throw a bunch of stuff in the bedroom because your not letting anyone in that room
4:30 - Kick the dogs outside and sweep like a mad woman
4:45 - Jump in the shower for a quick shower
4:55 - Throw on a rumpled t-shirt and some jeans and call it good
5:00 - Finish dinner.  Also if you are a drinker...drink heavily and swear to get better at not procrastinating or not to have anyone over to your house for a get together...

Yes, this has been a couple of get together's I have thrown at my house.  But, my friends tell me they come to see me, not my house.  I love them.  Contrary to all this, I am a very punctual person.  I will never be late to anything if I can help it.

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  1. My procrastination habit is tough to tame.

    1. Mine too. It's a constant work in progress. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! This is so me!

    1. I am a horrible procrastinator. :)

  3. This sounds very familiar. I'm expecting guests in a few hours and I can't keep myself away from the internet. :)

    1. The internet gets me every time! :) I hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Sounds like me, my boyfriend actually nicknamed me 'the procrastination queen'. But I'm also a very punctual person, probably because my friends were not and I knew from an early age how annoying waiting can get.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. I really don't like waiting on people. I hope you have a nice weekend as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I literally laughed out loud through most of your list.

    1. I'm glad I could make you laugh. :)


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