May Blog Challenge

Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm sorry, so sorry

Day 13 - Write a public apology...

Dear Jillian Michaels,

I am sorry that I yelled at you this morning (and every morning) for making me hurt.  I say things to you that I only say out of the immense discomfort my body is in.  I am also sorry you picked the perky blond as the beginner.  She is no beginner.  Put a person who doesn't have ripped rock hard abs in there for the beginning, so I don't feel inadequate.  I am sorry (but not make me hurt).

Dear Red Mazda Car at the school,

I am sorry (again, but not really) that I yelled at you in my car this morning.  I am sorry for you that there are only a week of school left and you STILL don't know the protocol.  You have been doing this as long as I have this year, yet you still think the rules don't apply to you.  So, I am sorry, but the rules do apply to you.

Dear Cherrie,

My dear sweet little one year old kitty cat.  I am sorry, but Mommy does not want to play ball, rubber band, or curler at 4:30-5:00 in the morning.  It is not pleasant for me to roll over on the spiky ball you have so lovingly placed by my side.  Dropping them on my chest will not help either.  We can play fetch when you are taking your 10am, 11am, or 1pm nap.  Those seem like perfect times.  I love your cuddles at night, but I will kick you out if you continue with this trend.  Oh, and I really am sorry for accidentally knicking your skin when I was trimming the mats out of your fur. I am glad you forgave me for that, except that may be what the 5am playing is payback for.

On a serious note:

Dear high school boyfriend,

I really am sorry for breaking up with you three days before your birthday.  I am also sorry that when you asked me if it was for another guy, I wasn't honest.  In my defense, the other guy has been my husband for almost 16 years.  I am sorry that we didn't remain friends.  You were my best friend for 3 years.  I really do wish you happiness.  I am sorry for the pain I caused.  I was young and immature.

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Cherrie with her favorite toy - a pink foam curler.  She plays fetch with it.  


  1. Thanks for the visits, and the follow. Doing the same, and hearted you. lol, is that a word? The stuff about the car at school, oh how I remember those days.

    1. There are several times where I am like "is that even a word, but people will understand..." Ugh, I am so glad we only have a week of school left to deal with the person. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. :) I am so glad someone else wrote something personal today, a lot of people went with something silly and creative, which I think is fine, but kudos to you for sharing something real and personal.
    The last one feels really sincere.

    1. Also just realized the first one is about that personal trainer LOL

    2. I really have wanted to get that off my chest since after high school. I felt this was a good opportunity. Yes, I work out to Jillian Michael's DVD in the morning....this morning she was not my favorite person. lol

  3. Oh my goodness! Parents who don't follow rules at their children's school get under my skin in the worst way.

    1. Me too. My time is just as important as theirs.


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