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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Open House

I am happy today was open house at my daughter's school.  I got to go with her to all of her classes like she does during the day (except on an extremely accelerated level 5-7 minutes per class).  They talked about the expectations of the teachers, students and parents.  I also got to catch up with all my orchestra parent friends.  We are going to have a good year.

Photo Day 27: Hot
Yummy yummy salsa!  The hotter the better in my book.  If I am not sweating out of every pore, then it is not hot enough!  haha.


  1. Nice article written here. I got to know a few more Info. This info is really good.. Thanks

  2. I always loved open house. ^_^ Course I remember having it a bit later in the year and the teachers always had such wonderful things to say about me. LOL I was just the absolute best student. Except, apparently, in 2nd grade where I was perfecting my grasp of sarcasm. According to my teacher I had a "very dark sense of humor". XD

    1. I can't imagine you being sarcastic!!! lol I am so glad to see you have grown out of the dark sense of humor...hahahaha!!

  3. This is such an exciting time of the year for those with little ones and not so little ones! Hope your daughter has a wonderful year in school.


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