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Monday, August 5, 2013

Just being there makes me happy

Today's happiness: Being there for people who don't ask and are very grateful for it.  Sometimes being there means just a hug from a stranger on a bad day.  Or being there for a friend when it means getting 3 hours of sleep.

Remember when I posted about the 911 calls I had to make within a week of each other? Sandy made the comment about these things coming in 3's.  Boy was she right.  I had to call 911 again today for the third time in a month.  I was sitting at a stoplight and watched the car in the next lane totally run the stop light and hit a car that was turning left.  They just put in this stoplight about 3 months ago.  She was an elderly lady who was coming from the bank to go back to the hospital where her husband was having surgery.  She said she has driven that road a million times.  But, to see the look of horror on the face of the lady who got hit in her truck is something that will stick with me for a while.  I immediately called 911, and went out and made sure both women were okay.  I pulled my car to a safe area so people could somewhat get around the accident (it took up both lanes).  I went to the lady in the truck first and made sure she was okay.  She was and we both went to the other lady.  She was really shaken up, but okay as well.  I stayed there and waited (the other witnesses left).  I gave each woman a hug and let them know I was there for them.  I offered rides to both (they both had others coming after them).  I tend to try to use humor to help try to ease situations like this.  I think it helps people from thinking too much about it and focus on positives (like still being alive).  The lady that got hit was going home to do yard work (she had just gotten off work) and I told her "Now you have a good excuse to get out of yard work and get your family to do it."  and "Well, this Monday sucked".  As I was giving them final hugs, both women clung tightly and told me thank you for being there and keeping things in perspective.  That really meant a lot to me.

This morning I got up at 5:30 after going to bed at 2:15ish to go be with my dear friends as their daughter (whom I am the honorary Aunt because they have no family in Oklahoma) was having a tonsillectomy.  They didn't ask me to be there, but I really wanted to be there for moral support.  My 'niece' was so happy that I came.  I left while they were doing pre-op work and went home to get Elexis  because she LOVES Elexis (that's when I witnessed the accident).  When the nurse took out her IV and told her she could get dressed and go home; her mom got her back in her nightgown and she wiggled out of her mom's lap and ran to Elexis to sit in her lap and be cuddled.  It melted my heart.  I am so happy my daughter is so good with kids, but especially this girl and her younger sister.  These dear friends started out as Elexis' voice teacher and it has morphed into a wonderful friendship.

Phew: That was a lot.  Thanks for reading all the way through.  I tend to ramble a lot and I appreciate you guys reading (especially with my many parenthesis...haha).

Photo Day 4: Layered: Edwards Hershey Pie - loving the layers.  My husband enjoyed the pie - he loves when I photograph food.

Photo Day 5: Shell - The shell for tonight's dinner was a carb balance whole wheat tortilla.  Yummy and very easy chicken soft taco dinner.  *note: My husband looked at this picture and he said "Man, that looks really good." I said "It was your dinner..."  He said "Wow, now I am hungry again".  I love photographing food. 


  1. You have the biggest heart of anyone I have every known! I am glad to call you my friend! And those food pictures are really causing me to salivate.

  2. I hope the 911 calls are over! That was really scary even though you were not directly involved.

    The foodie photos are amazing!

    PS--a note about Rowling's book--you might be disappointed after the Potter series because it's about politics in a small town and it's quite dark.

  3. You are just the absolute best kind of person! *HUGS* I'm so glad for the opportunity to get to know you. Rekindles a bit of hope for humanity.


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