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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My teacher friend

I am happy to have watched one of my good friends get baptized today.  I was also happy to get to sit down and visit with one of my very best friends (not the one who got baptized).  She is a teacher so she is extremely busy during the week.  I will give you a little back story on how we became friends.

It was meet your teacher night when Elexis' was in 5th grade.  This happens before school and you can take all your supplies in and get acclimated to the environment before school starts.  So I walked in and introduced myself to the teacher and my husband came in after me.  She shook his hand and said, your Jeromy's cousin right?  He said yes, and she told me they all went to school together.   I thought that was pretty neat.  I continued to talk to her about being available to volunteer up at the school any time she needed me and all that fun stuff.  Elexis had to go to the bathroom so we said goodbye and waited outside the bathroom for Elexis.  My husband turns to me and says "I'm not real sure, but I think I took her (the teacher) to prom."  I am like "What?!? You can't remember who you took to prom??"  (My husband has never had a girlfriend and that is the one and only time he took a girl out).  He said "I am pretty sure it was her, she was my cousin's best friend and neither one of us were going to go to prom and my aunt made us go together."

So when we got home that night we pulled out his yearbook and sure enough his prom date was now our daughter's 5th grade teacher.  I teased him that he better had sprung for a great dinner and acted like a gentleman or our daughter was going to pay the price.  He, of course, was a complete gentleman and they went to a really nice restaurant that cost about $60 a plate.  Unfortunately for her, he let the salon stylist talk him into getting a perm in his hair before they went.  Poor poor girl.

I went into the school the first day and I told her what my husband told me about them going to prom and that I thought it was a great story.  Turns out we were kindred spirits and had similar personalities.  We just clicked.  I love her to death and we have such a great story.  I am still her test monitor and I go up there to the school and visit whenever I can.  My daughter now calls her by her first name, and we forget that she was once her teacher.  She comes to Elexis' birthday parties and the kids that were also her students run and give her a hug.

Taken a few weeks ago

Photo Challenge Day 24: Tall
This one I had to think on a little.  I decided to go with a tall stack of blueberry pancakes.  Twelve in total.

I loved the way these turned out.

Day 25: Sour
Yum, sour gummy worms!  These will not last long.

Here we begin another week.  I hope everyone has a good one.  


  1. Oh those gummy bears made me pucker right up......awful! But a great picture

  2. ROFLMAO!!! That story is hilarious!! XD


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