May Blog Challenge

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Cherrie Berry

So August begins....

This month means back to school.  Elexis starts on the 19th.  She has been ready to go back since the second week in July.  We have already got most of her school supplies.  We still need to buy the reams of copy paper and dry erase markers.  We have a couple special things planned for next week.  She is in an orchestra camp this week.  They are learning to play current music like Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), The cup song (from Pitch Perfect) and classics like Don't Stop Believin (Journey) and Kashmir (Led Zepplin).  She is really enjoying it.  She finished up cello lessons for the summer and starts her piano lessons back next week.  Next week we are also going to go to the Tulsa zoo to see penguins and polar bears.  It will be nice for a change of scenery.

Ok, so now another month means another challenge.  This isn't really a challenge though.  Every day your just supposed to blog about something that makes you happy.  Easy enough.  Today is especially easy because it is my very special kitty's birthday.  She is a whopping 2 years old today.  I honestly can't remember what our house was like without this feisty little kitty.  What started out as my daughter's kitten, has now become mine (yeah, we all saw that one coming).  She is my cuddle bug, fuzzy butt, chunky monkey, my sweet baby Cherrie Berry, Cher Bear, Cherrie Berry Pumpkin Pie (I call her all of these things on a daily basis).  This cat loves dog treats, will come when I call her, will give you kisses when you ask, fetches, has a special curler (one of those pink foam ones) that she carries around the house, loves the ipad, and plays with more toys than both my dogs.  I am so happy Elexis caught her (she was one of my mom's feral cat's kittens).  She helped me through a really hard time when I had to put my 16 year old cat to sleep.  I really do love my cat.  So...

Day 1: What makes me happy...Cherrie.  Happy 2nd Birthday!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her.  Some are repeats.

yep, she is a bit feisty, but very lovable!

Photo Day 1: Crust

Peach pie crust

Here is the photo challenge if you want to play along - It's all food.


  1. Your kitty is such a cutie! I love the picture of her in the Christmas Tree! And that peach pie crust looks yummy

    1. Thanks! Sometimes she is a handful!! The peach pie was yummy though I am more of the filling than the crust kinda girl.

  2. She is a cutie and adventurous apparently.

    1. Yes she is! Sometimes she is almost spastic.

  3. I'm skipping the happy challenge... I'll take a bitch challenge though! BWAHAHHAHA

    Your cat is adorable! And that's coming from a "non" cat person! :) Don't you find it funny that you're now responsible for providing the school with shit like paper and dry erase pens? I'm like... really???


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