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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pictures are my life

So, June was busy; July was busy; what made me think that August wasn't going to be any less busy.  Today I spent 5 hours at a family reunion that wasn't even my family.  At least I got paid for it, I was hired as the photographer.  I had a lot of fun and became an honorary member of the family.

For today's happiness challenge...I am happy to have my camera.  I feel like it is an extension of my arm.  I love being able to take an ordinary scene and put my perspective on it.  I love capturing special moments or really just moments in general.  My husband bought me my first dslr (or "professional" camera) 3 years ago.  It was the cheapest one available.  I went through all of photography school with that camera.  I know that camera inside and out and can figure out the settings in the dark.  He bought me my higher end dslr for Christmas.  I begged him to take it back because of the price.  I am so glad he didn't though.  It is so nice.  I still don't know how to fully use it.  That is why I try to pick up my camera every day.  I try a new setting, they don't always work; but at least I tried.  My love for photography started way before I got either one of my cameras.  I remember having photo shoots with Elexis when she was two.  I would take my film point and shoot camera and toddler to the park and just have a blast shooting her.  Some of my favorite pictures from her childhood are those.  I moved up to a regular digital camera as soon as we could afford it.  I was spending a crap ton in developing costs with all the film I shot.  Elexis is starting to take a small interest in photography.  I am going to try to teach her a few things, if she will let me.

Here is a shot of baby toes that I took today.  This is a quick rough edit.  I love baby toes.

I did get to spend the day with one of my best friends.  Here is a rare shot of me in front of the camera especially that I took with my big camera.  

Photo Day 3: Red
Pretty ripe red tomato slices at the reunion today.  

Here is a clip of Elexis (and the rest of the orchestra) playing Don't Stop Believin'.  Part way through I forget I was taking video instead of taking pictures and I turn my phone sideways.  oops.  


  1. Loved the video. Darian is taking a photography class this next year at school. Hope he learns enough to teach me some tricks.

  2. That is so awesome learning your camera like that. By the time you get all intimate with it... he'll buy you a newer, snazzier one. lol


    I signed up for TWO photography classes (they're online but still) starting in September! Thanks to YOU! :) Thanks for that! :)

    I need to go jam on some Journey... be right back!


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