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Monday, August 12, 2013

I heart Photoshop

Today I am happy I got to play around in Photoshop for longer than 20 minutes.  I rediscovered some of my favorite settings and filters.  I am also in the process of picking three photographs to enter into a local photography show.  This will be a huge leap of faith for me.  If you want to input, please feel free.    Here are a couple pictures I got to edit today.  All my feathered friends...
African penguins

The bully flamingo...he would go headbutt other flamingos that were sleeping

You've seen grumpy cat...introducing grumpy bird.  Elexis and I named him Carl (Disney's Up reference)

Photo day 12: French
My French baguette and Perrier water.  I really do like Perrier, it is a surprise to my taste buds every time I drink it.  Bonus: my husband and child do not like it, so finally a beverage all to myself.


  1. Grumpy bird is right Cristy ! Good luck with the photography competitions x

  2. Good for you for entering the photography show! :-)

    1. Thanks. Now I just need to decide on images.

  3. Fabulous! ^_^ That flamingo definitely appears to be angry about something. Good luck picking pictures for the show!!

  4. Good luck with the photography contest.


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