May Blog Challenge

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today is a YouTube day.

Today I am happy for YouTube.  It makes me smile, laugh, cry and several "aweeee" moments.  Of course I have been sucked into the endless varieties of videos.  Mainly today I watched baby animal videos.  I will share a few of my favorites.

The first being a baby hippo (of course).  I just want to cuddle this little guy.

Next here is a baby duck fighting to stay awake!!  So cute!

And, in honor of baby flamingos being born at our zoo, I bring you a baby flamingo taking his first step.


Photo Day 11: Apple
I love apples.  I eat at least one a day.  There are several different varieties that I enjoy.  I think my favorite would either have to be Golden Delicious or Pink Lady.  Yum  Today, I stacked apples.  I got three to stack.  They made for a pretty picture.


  1. ERMAHGERD!!!! hehehehe Love baby animals. ^_^ My favorite apples are Granny Smith and Gaia. Yum!! Now I think I'm going to have to grab one for today...

    1. Lizzy, I love you!!! That's exactly what I say when I see baby animals!!!


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