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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photo Challenge Catchup

Ok, I am happy that I am caught up on my Photo Food Challenge.  I got the pictures uploaded and edited.  Next month I think I am going to do a Pinterest Food Challenge.  Since school has started, I have gotten back into the routine of cooking every night again.  Elexis started a new youth group tonight.  She brought her cousin so she would at least know someone.  Turns out, several kids from her school go there.  She was really excited and both are looking forward to going back next Wednesday.

I have yet to spend a day at home while Elexis is in school.  Monday I did my weekly visit to the Senior Citizen's Center to play dominos with my husband's Granny.  Tuesday I had to go buy a baby gift for someone my husband works with.  I also went and bought Elexis a backpack that she fell in love with (it has wolves all over it).  Today, I had to go an exchange the backpack I bought yesterday for another wolf backpack.  The first one had a scary looking image of a wolf attacking another wolf (I didn't think about it until Elexis brought it to my attention).  She didn't want to risk carrying it to school and getting in trouble for it.  Her new one just has the nicer looking wolves.  I also had to take the baby present to my husband his work because he forgot it.  He works in a restricted area so I had to wait in the visitors parking lot.  His meeting ran late so I sat there for an hour in 90+ heat.  He was very appreciative though.  I look forward to staying home tomorrow.  I plan on catching up with comments on my blog and reading other's blogs.

Photo Day 20: Yellow
Lemon Bars

Photo Day 21: Nutty
Tiny pecan pie with a tiny scoop of ice cream - I am really having a thing for mini pies lately.


  1. AW!!! *tackles* That so sweet of you to go play dominoes with your granny-in-law. ^_^

    1. Yeah, now if I can just get her to quit

  2. I A Pinterest food challenge sounds like my kinda thing. Your desserts look yummy!

    1. I am trying to outline what I want to do now. The first week of September is Waffle Week. I may try to incorporate that. Thank you, desserts are my passion.


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