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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What the future holds

Day 9:  How you hope you future will be like

I would like my future to be full of success and zero failures, but then I would be a princess living in Disney World.  haha!

I really just hope my future is full of love, laughter, and great people surrounding me.  I would love to be in a career that I want to be in.  I would also love to be in an old house that I can renovate.  I would love for my daughter to be successful in what ever she does and most of all be happy!

Now in my princess fantasy world, I would like to be walking around Disney World in my beautiful Belle dress making little kids smile.  I will settle for walking around in a Minnie Mouse costume (like I do at halloween).  I would love to have enough money to open an orphanage and do like a make-a-wish type thing and take kids to do things that they wouldn't normally be able to do.  I would also like to own a bunch of acreage and rescue dogs from puppy death row and give them a chance to just run free with the wind in their ears.

Day 9: From down low - Both from Philly.
Eastern State Penn wall. I loved the colors

A tree close to where Ben Franklin is buried.  It was huge.

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  1. You are so sweet...and a tad crazy! And I mean that in the nicest way. Saving kids and dogs! Wonder woman! I have missed you

    1. Aww!! I love you Paula!! My family calls me crazy all the time (sometimes in a good way...haha).

  2. Awww opening an orphanage is so ambitious but that is such an admirable thing to want to do!
    My fave disney princess is also Belle (which I assume is also yours!) ^^

    1. I love Belle. Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite movie since it came out. I like that she doesn't care about being popular. She just wants to read and go on adventures. I love that her favorite thing about the whole castle is the library.

  3. Surely we can find someone to make you your Belle Dress for your walking around Disney..., cute, love how you want to reach people.
    What should the future hold


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