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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice

Day 21: Today is the winter solstice - the 'shortest' day of the year for the northern hemisphere (the 'longest' for the southern). Do you do anything special to mark the occasion?

We didn't plan any magical events, but we did do a couple fun things.  Hubby and I went shopping for a little bit, didn't get much but it was fun for just the two of us.  I talked to a good friend for a couple of hours on the phone.  We finished off the evening watching The Polar Express (which of course included hot chocolate".  I didn't get a single gift wrapped today, but I got most of Elexis' wrapped yesterday.  We got her a couple more things today that I need to still wrap.  We had an ice storm overnight and it rained for most of the day, so I'm glad it was pretty low key.  Here are a couple of pictures I took of the ice storm.  
icicles on the house

One one of our spiral trees in our front yard.

I love that the grass is still green, but covered in ice.

On a branch outside

Inside I played around with shaped bokeh and my Christmas tree lights.  

And because it is Saturday and the end of the week, here are the pictures from the photo challenge for the week.

Day 15: lights - Joy on my house
Day 16: Makes you feel merry - baking warms my soul
Day 17: tree - my foyer tree (that used to be in my daughter's room).  It's fiber optic and I love all the colors of it.
Day 18: Big - big silver ball ornament at the mall.

Day 19: Tis the season to...bake and give goodie bags (these were for Elexis' teachers)
Day 20: What I am listening to  - Frozen - Let It Go.  It has been our family's favorite song (and soundtrack) since we saw the movie (the first time).
Day 21: On my door - My happy penguin that greets all visitors at the door.
Bonus: Elexis' donut on Friday, she couldn't wait to take a bite.  She gave him a lobotomy...ha!


  1. It might be the shortest day of the year but it has been a really, really long day at our house. Love your pictures

    1. I'm sorry. I hope things look up. Love you. Hugs!


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