May Blog Challenge

Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm best known for

Day 23: What are you best known for, in your family (or circle of friends)?

Probably my baking.  Everyone pretty much knows that I will bake something for any type of get together.  My mother in law's favorite is no-bake cookies so I will definitely be making some of those tomorrow (even though they are not baked).  I will probably also be making cupcakes or brownies for our Happy Birthday Jesus tradition.  

Now for my decorations from yesterday.  Like I said, I don't have a lot of decorations besides the tree, but here are pictures of the mantle with stockings and my foyer tree.  Also my favorite decoration is the Christmas card curio cabinet.  I love that people took the time out to send me a card.  

Tomorrow I will post some of my favorite ornaments.  :)


  1. I'm sure you're known for your baking--everything you post photos of looks delicious!!!


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