May Blog Challenge

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The best gift

Day 5:  What is the best gift you have ever received?

This one is easy.  The best gift I have ever gotten was for my 10 year wedding anniversary when hubby completely surprised me with Beauty and the Beast tickets on Broadway in NYC!  I had no idea and it was the best surprise.  That was at the top of my bucket list and the show closed shortly after we saw it.

The best Christmas gift I ever got, probably my camera.  Hubby got it for me last year for finishing photography school.  I love my camera and try to use it every day.

Tonight I made the snickerdoodles I posted about here.  They turned out beautiful and tasty.

Inspired by Lizzy; I have dough for Chocolate Crinkle Cookies hanging out in fridge, just chillin.  Tomorrow since it is an official snow day; they will become cookies!!


  1. What awesome gifts! Your snickerdoodles look wonderful. I didn't get mine made as planned....I got a cold instead! Dang it

  2. What a wonderful gift! And your cookies look yummy!

  3. I couldn't even begin to pick... lol Tough question.


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