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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Tradition

Does prompt over at Holidailies is: What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I have tons of traditions.  When Elexis was born, I was determined to create my own and stick with some traditions.  Christmas Eve she always knows she gets to open 3 presents.  One of them will be new pajamas, one will be a new movie, and the last will be the present from my sister.  We have done this since Elexis was a small child.  Another tradition is singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with a cupcake.  We also take a family picture (animals included) in front of the tree on Christmas morning. I guess my favorite would have to be when we decorate the Christmas tree, which is what we did last night.  How it goes is I set the tree up, I put the lights and the garland on it (one of the sets of lights is from my hubby and I's first Christmas together).  We always put on Christmas music and for the last 8 or so years it has been The Cheetah Girls Christmas album (oh my preteen it's tradition).  We have collected many ornaments over the years.  We don't even put bulbs on our tree because we have so many ornaments.  As you can probably guess, I have a ton of Disney ornaments.  I also have ornaments from places that we have been (I try to pick one up wherever we go).  This year our new ornament came from Hallmark.  It is Hogwarts Castle (from Harry Potter).  You can put one of your lights through the back and the castle lights up.  It also plays the HP theme when you push a button.  I bought it the first week it came out.  It's a good thing too, they are sold out everywhere.  We also finally found a cello ornament this year to add to the tree.  We always try to get significant ornaments for Elexis.  Like the first musical she was in was Alice in Wonderland and she was a cardsman, I happen to luck upon an Alice in Wonderland cardsman ornament.  Also we have Cinderella from last year because she got the role of Cinderella in a musical.  We were finally happy to find a cello.  Also our tradition is to let Elexis place the angel on top of the tree.  We have had the same angel since the year we got married as well.  Every year I think about replacing her, but then I grow sentimental and I can't find any that I like as much as her.  Her dress is getting a bit yellow, but she still works.  Of course I have pictures from last night.

Love these two

My foyer Christmas tree.  It used to go in Elexis' room, but she never decorated it.  So this year I took it.  
Elexis likes to sit in the tree box and read (since she was 2 she has been doing this)

My cat wondering if she will share the box.

Of course there is Disney on my tree.

Our newest ornament

She no longer can be on Daddy's shoulders to do this.

I got my tree a few years ago at a Hobby Lobby after Christmas sale.  Originally $450 I got it for $40.  It's 7 1/2 feet tall and I love it.  

Don't judge our music...hahaha!!  We also listen to more traditional stuff too.


  1. I loved this!! We have a couple of Disney things on our tree too! We have one with Mickey playing the drum (Harley played drums until she decided to quit band this year) Your tree is like mine....filled with memories.

    1. I love memory trees. I used to want to have a themed tree and then I realized I did and the theme was love. I would love to see a picture of the Mickey playing the drums. I love Mickey ornaments. I wished Hallmark's weren't so expensive.

    2. I will take a picture of it for you. Our 'adopted' daughter bought it from Disney when we took our trip there together in 2011...before Richard's stroke.


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