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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Santa

Time to channel your inner child.  Write a letter to Santa.  Here goes.

Dear Santa,

I have been a mostly good girl this year.  I am not asking for much for Christmas; just the normal world peace and stuff.  But really, I will just write you my wish list.  I would love to have a bigger kitchen (or at least new kitchen cabinets), a beautiful stainless steel freezer on the bottom refrigerator, a Keurig (you think after asking for 5 years I would have one), a new mattress set, some new living room furniture, different across the street neighbors, an owl (preferably a snow owl), a unicorn, a decision on college, a family rift mended, (lets get back to the kitchen) new pots and pans, more counter space, to finish my table I began stripping a hundred months ago (it's sanded, just needs paint), a clean house, flooring in my living room (even though I am okay with my cement floors), a big ole bathtub that I can really soak in.  So you might be better off with the world peace thing...

Really for Christmas I just want to have a good stress free day with lots of laughter and smiles.  I still would really like to have that unicorn though...

See you on the 25th (hopefully),


And because it is Saturday; I am going to post my Instagram pictures from the week.  I am doing a photo challenge from #FMSphotoaday
Day 1: Red - Santa Hat
Day 2: Where I Stood - Apple store
Day 3: Silver - Silver ornaments on the foyer tree
Day 4: Tiny - Tiny cello ornament

Day 5: In your cupboard - Bluray's in the movie cabinet
Day 6: Shadow - Shadows made by the crinkle cookies going in the oven
Day 7: 6 o'clock - Just got out from seeing the movie Frozen (loved it!)
Bonus Picture: Finished Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (thanks Lizzy for the inspiration)

Hopefully this shows up, but here is a video of my kitty when I gave her her very first catnip toy.


  1. I want everything that you have on your list too! Well, except for the bigger kitchen. Mine is perfect and can only fit one or two people in it at the same time. Just the way I like it....but I will take all the rest of those things!

    1. My layout is odd and I have no outlets and I need more counter space. I also would like taller cabinets. I don't want a chef's kitchen; I want a baker's kitchen. I do love my double ovens and wouldn't change that.

  2. YES! Chocolate crinkles!!!! *drools* I haven't baked much since our oven went out, but I bet if I whip up the dough my sis-in-law will let me borrow hers.... hehehehe

    1. I think I would probably die without my oven. I actually have two ovens (it's always good to have a I am sure your sis-in-law would be glad to let you borrow hers as long as you pay in cookies.

  3. Oh, those cookies look divine! :-)


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