May Blog Challenge

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My OCD self...

Day 14: To whom it may concern
Write a letter to the person / company / group annoying you the most this holiday season (examples - the radio station that keeps playing that horrible song; the guy down the street with the excess of tacky decorations; whoever it was who thought adding peppermint to a mocha was a good idea).

Dear neighbor across the street: I am already not fond of you, but thank you ever so much for putting up the minimalist of Christmas lights that don't blink in sync.  My poor OCD self is ready to go fix them for you, but that would mean interacting with you.  If you just get the lights to blink in sync it would really help a lot!  


P.S. It's still annoying that your kids start yelling at 6 in the morning even on weekends and they are way old enough to know better than to throw balls at my house! 

And because it is Saturday: here are my Instagram pictures for the December photo challenge for the week.  
Day 8: I shop here - Barnes and Noble - Yes, we still buy real
Day 9: Weather - snowy and cold and some random kitty tracks
Day 10: R is for... Reindeer cookies - I need to blog about these
Day 11: Green - Green bulb on our dalmatian under the tree.

Day 12: Joy is... my faith, my family, baking and coffee
Day 13: Composition - Crunch bells going in goody stockings
Day 14: Drink: Blueberry tea - yum
Bonus: Cupcakes that I made for hubby's work - snowballs and Christmas trees


  1. Love your photos And those kids across the street would have to learn to be afraid of me ....

    1. Thanks! Oh, they don't like all! They left a soccer ball in my yard over night close to my front door. I popped it and threw it in the trash. They came over later looking for it and I told them I didn't see it...

  2. lol I'm with Paula. That's ridiculous.

    1. I have so many 'bad neighbor' stories on them. I wish we could get normal people across the street. This is the 12th set we have had in the 14 years we have lived here. A few were a bit more normal than others and some were just down right crazy (hello guy that hung himself in the backyard...)


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