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Friday, December 6, 2013

To give

Day 6: What is the best gift you have ever given? I have to think.  I love finding that special gift for someone that I know their eyes are going to light up.  Problem is I usually ruin the surprise or give it to them early because I am so excited.  I think I have given my husband some pretty good gifts.  Last year I had a picture that I took in Philadelphia on our anniversary trip, blown up and framed so he could hang it in his office.  People still compliment him on that picture and asked where he got it.  This year I paid for him to drive 4 laps in a Lamborghini.  It has always been a dream of his to ride in one and now he gets to drive it.  That is his Christmas gift this year, and he already knows about it.  I had to check dates with him before I booked it to assure that he would be able to do it.  I also surprised him with a road trip to Memphis a few years back.  That was fun.

Speaking of gifts:  Yesterday I got my birthday gift (it's two weeks after Christmas) bought.  I got an opportunity to buy presale tickets to Beauty and the Beast in Tulsa.  I called hubby and begged for them for my birthday (because the show is Feb 1).  This is the one and only time I gave him permission to buy my birthday present before Christmas.  I am so excited!!  Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite everything.

I took our Christmas card picture tonight.  It's also the first posed family picture we have taken in a while.  We took it outside on the snow while it was 19* outside.  It only took me two takes and the end result it beautiful.  I have been playing with my camera all day so here are some pictures that I took.
Delilah has perfected the head tilt.

You can't tell she likes to get her picture made.

Our practice shot before going outside for the real thing.  This is not what we wore or how we combed our hair...ha!

Taken through our window.  She had just pelted it with snow.

I love this picture.

And the tilt to the other side.  No treats involved.  

This one hates to have her picture made.  She will never look at the camera.  This took tons of treats to get.  


  1. Can't wait to see your Christmas picture. We took our oldest two granddaughters to a nice dinner theater years ago when they were pre-teens to see Beauty and the Beast. It made as big an impression on me as it did them!

    1. I love it! I have seen it preformed by everyone from professionals to children. I cry every time too.

  2. Cute pictures!!! ^_^ lol Aaron's the same way. If it's something he knows I'll love he just can't wait.

    1. Thanks! I am horrible about it. I get so excited.

  3. What fun pictures! And your birthday gift is perfect.

  4. Oh my goodness, such adorable adorable pictures!!


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