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Friday, March 29, 2013

My favorite season

Day 29

My favorite season.  Here in Oklahoma, we usually get all four seasons.  Though, autumn and spring generally only last about a week (probably a little longer, but it sure doesn't feel like it).  My least favorite seasons are bitter cold (this year it happen to fall during so called spring) and blistering hot (last year's highs 110-114 for 2 or 3 weeks in a row).  I can't decide if it is autumn or spring that is my favorite.  Here is a pros and cons list

Pro - Warmer temperatures after a really cold winter.  Everything is starting to bloom and there are lots of colors.  Baseball season starts back up.  Kids are playing outside again.  School is coming to an end (here we end around the middle of May).  Days are longer.  The smells of rain and fresh cut grass are in the air.  I can break out capris.

Cons - Everything is blooming making it allergy season.  My dogs and cat shed like crazy.  When the trees start to bloom, there is sap all over the driveway.  All the good shows are having their season finales.

Pro - Halloween (I dress as Minnie Mouse every year).  It's time to break out the jeans and hoodies.  Football season starts.  Cool mornings mean warm beverages.  School starts again!  School supplies are cheap (I have a slight obsession).  No more mowing.  The extremely pretty colors of the trees and autumn flowers.  Thanksgiving!

Cons - Closing the pool down.   Raking the leaves.  It gets dark earlier.

I'm not that fond of winter even though I do love me a good snow day.  I don't like summer because I am not a big fan of being hot.

So those are my favorite things about my favorite seasons.  Usually I will welcome both with open arms.

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And I end with Halloween pictures.  

Me as Minnie Mouse.  I love my Minnie shoes.  My pug as a blowfish (with creepy eyes). 


  1. I love being HOT! I can't stand to be cold. Here in Kansas we get all the seasons too. Aren't we lucky?

    1. That's why I love the midwest. We do get all the seasons (sometimes in one day). I do like the warmth of summer.

  2. Autumn and spring both wonderful, but I adore summer too! Swimming, camping, picnics, gardening, beaches... Still Autumn is my favourite, too!

    1. There are things I love about each season. I forgot to mention I love the smells that come with both Autumn and Spring.

  3. I hate being hot. And I like all four seasons, too. Our spring in Maine is more like 3 weeks of mud but it's pretty.

    1. We are in such a terrible drought, we would all welcome the 3 weeks of mud. I am pretty much in love with Maine anyway, so I am sure the mud is pretty. :)

  4. I vote fall! And I love your costume!

  5. I LOVE your pug...and I LOVE Minnie Mouse!

    you and I are quite kindred in the fact that I completely agree with the pros/cons of the seasons. I welcome the warmth and park visits but HATE my makeup melting off of me the instant I walk in the door. You can't jog when it's like 110 outside! :o/


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