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Saturday, March 9, 2013

My bucket list

Day 9 - Bucket List

Before I met my husband, my bucket list was a lot longer.  We have done some amazing things, thanks to him.

My List:

See castles in Ireland
eat spaghetti outside in Greece
see the coast of Greece
Philadelphia - 7/4/12 15 year anniversary trip
camp in Yosemite
ice fishing in Alaska
see the Grand Canyon
visit a volcano in Hawaii
visit more small towns in my own state - Oklahoma
Jamaica 7/4/02 5 year anniversary
Mexico 7/4/98 First Year anniversary
Disney World - Twice ready to go back again
Washington D.C.
LA  I want to spend more time there - we only went for a day trip
NYC 7/4/07 10 year anniversary trip - the best surprise of my life
to see the Yankees play in the new stadium
visit all the Disney Parks international
Christmas at Disney World
New Year's in NYC
take my daughter to Paris and take her picture with a white kitten - her favorite movie is Aristocats

Run a 5K - plan on doing it this year
Finish a tube of chapstick - I lose a lot of them before they are finished
see Lion King on Broadway
see Grease on Broadway
see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway - during 10 year anniversary their last month run
go to Tiffany on 5th Avenue - 10 year anniversary necklace

take cake decorator classes - Certified cake decorator
own a bakery
take photography courses - Graduated with photography degree
sell a print or be hung in a gallery
be published in a magazine
take graphics design courses
finish my teaching classes and become a tutor
build my dream house (or at least dream kitchen)

These are mine, what are yours?

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  1. Very cool list, and I'm so happy for you that you've been able to cross some things off! How fun!

    1. Thanks, I wish more items were crossed off. It seems every time I cross one off, 2 more creep onto the list. I guess that is good, because it means I haven't stopped dreaming.


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