May Blog Challenge

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



I read blogs like books.  I start at the very beginning of random blogs and I read all the way through to current.  It sometimes makes me sad when I get to the current stuff because the "book" is finished.  But, I do like the fact that new "chapters" are being written all the time.  This is why I can't wait to do the blog challenge.  I am ready for other blogs.  I like reading about real people.  It's intimidating to put your thoughts and feelings out on the web for anyone to see, but it is also a great way to connect.

What I need to get better about is commenting on blogs.  I am one of those lurkers.  I will get better.  I will commit to delurking on a couple of blogs.  I don't feel I have any insight for these bloggers, because we are in different stages of life (most have toddlers while I almost have a teenager).


I have a list on the side of blogs I already read, but please leave me a comment if there are more good ones out there (especially if they are yours).


  1. I like reading some blogs from the beginning, too. And I'm a lurker as well. Just recently I started trying to comment more, but like you I don't know what to say half the time.

    But, as a blogger myself, I know that just receiving a positive comment in general can brighten my day.

    1. I never know what to say. Most of the time I ramble or I am all over the place. :)

  2. I like starting at the beginning, too. It's fun to catch up. I wrote for years with no readers so it wasn't exceptionally difficult putting myself out there. Now it's mostly eFriends and y'all live in my computer so you can't hurt me. ;)

    1. Ok, so I started at the beginning of your blog. You are going to get some comments on posts from 2006. I keep forgetting you didn't just write them. So expect some randomness! I know what you mean about the "can't hurt me"; sometimes I feel I expect too much out of my real life friends and I always come out the one hurt.


Thanks for taking time to comment. I truly appreciate each comment and try to reply back.