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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Google +

I am trying to get the hang of Google +.  I have been using Facebook since before Facebook was cool. I'm kind of over it.  Don't get me wrong, I will never delete my fb, but I find myself not really updating anymore, unless I am putting up pictures.

Enter Google +. I like that it has all of these communities that I can be a part of to showcase and get feedback from my photography.  I am a photographer who would rather photograph architecture or food than people.  + is a little bit more challenging to navigate.  I guess it doesn't help that I don't have any real friends on +.  So far the communities I am a part of are: Cats of Google + (because I am slightly obsessed with my cat), Food Photography and Canon Photography.  I have posted a few pictures and gotten a few likes.  I am interested in diving more into the communities.

I like the idea of circles.  Facebook dropped the ball on that one.  I like the ability to share with a certain group of people instead of everyone.  This is going to be a very useful tool in the future.

So far my only dislike is I have to upload pictures to each community instead of just being able to pull the image from my albums.  Oh, well!

I am off to explore.

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  1. lol I was on MySpace and then went to facebook when everybody else did. A couple of people tried migrating to Google+ so I do have an account there, but... meh. As long as 'everybody else' is on facebook that's where I'm staying.


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