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Saturday, February 9, 2013

I cried today

Today, my one and only child took the ACT's.  She is 12.  She got invited by the Duke Talent Search to take the ACT as a 7th grader.  I am very proud of her for taking it.  She said that she guessed on a lot of the math and science, but thinks she did really well on the English and reading portion.  When we got to the high school she will be going to in a couple of years, she was really nervous.  The kids going into the school were way bigger than her (and she is a tall girl, as tall as me) and older.  I waited with her until they told everyone they could go into the rooms.  It was very hard as a parent to send my only child, my baby, up the hall and into a classroom where I couldn't make sure that she gave the correct forms or answer any questions the test people might have.  I prayed for her.  This is one of the first steps of the separation process that, in six short years, will happen.

I got into my car after walking out of the high school and cried.  I prayed and cried.  I prayed that she would have a sense of peace that just because Mom wasn't there, I would always be there.  I cried because I just dropped my baby off to take the ACT's.  I know this is not her "real" test (we just wanted her to become familiar with the test).  It still was very hard because I know I don't have long left with her.  She still needs me right now.  I cried because it seemed like just yesterday I was crying as I dropped her off for her first day of pre-K.  I cried because I am proud of the wonderful human being she is turning out to be.  She amazes me.  I am so blessed that she is my daughter.

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  1. Aw *hugs* I wonder if my mom did the same thing taking me to all my fancy TAG tests. I know she was relieved that there were teachers specially trained to handle "smarty pants" like me (she said so lol), but I don't know if she cried... It was a long time ago, but I still hope not.


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