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Sunday, February 24, 2013


I like challenges.  They make me step outside my comfort zone.  I also don't like to let things beat me so I try to stick challenges out.  This month on Instagram, I participated in the February Photo Challenge of the Day.  I have 4 days to go and I have taken a picture every day.  I plan on continuing through March.  It holds me accountable to a personal challenge of taking a picture every day.  Now granted I use my iphone for my Instagram pictures.  I want to follow through with my challenge of growing artistically with my camera.  For Christmas, my husband bought me a Canon 7D.  I LOVE this camera.  I also have a Canon T3 that I went through photography school with.  I could be blindfolded and change every setting on that camera.  I want to get that way with my 7D.  On google + I have joined a few photography communities.  Doing that has helped me get the creative juices flowing.  I now have a brainstorm of ideas that I would like to execute.  So, to help me become a better photographer I have composed a Day of the Week Challenge for myself.  To hold myself accountable, I will post at the end of the week all the pictures I took (and edited!!).

These themes are subject to change as I become more inspired, but here is what I have come up with so far:

Monday - Monochrome Monday - Black and White or Sepia Photographs

Tuesday - Toy or Transportation Tuesday

Wednesday - Way back Wednesday or Imitation Wednesday - Either revisit and edit a picture taken before photography school OR recreate photographs that I find inspiring.

Thursday - Thankful or Texture Thursday - Something I am Thankful for OR textures

Friday - Food Friday - Uh, yeah...I like taking pictures of food

Saturday - Street or Signs Saturday - This will help me get out and explore locations

Sunday - Song Title Sunday - Interpreting song titles into photographs

I am really excited to get started.  I would love to have people join me if they want.  They do not need to be professionals or even own a nice camera.  If I get interest I will set all that up.

I will probably brainstorm ideas for some of them on Sundays...I also will keep up with my challenges I  have already started.

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