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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Menu Planning

In order to help with our budget, I have been trying to get better at menu planning.  This week I am doing pretty good.  As tempting as it was to go out to eat last night since the hubby wasn't home, we didn't.  I have tried some new recipes this week for my family.  They are not at all shy about giving me feedback.  I need to tweak a few things in the new recipes when trying it again.  They ate what I fixed, but would have like it better had I "made it a little less ranch flavored".  My family did have some raves about the from scratch whole wheat soft dinner rolls I made.  Those I didn't think turned out well, but they LOVED them.

I love Pinterest because that is where I get a lot of recipes.  Also, I will just google search and pin to my boards.  I had to start a new board on stuff that we like, so I don't have to search through the hundred or so pins on my regular food board.  I need to split my food board into categories.  I have already put cakes and cupcakes in their own board along with cookies having their own board.  I love to bake.  I find it very soothing.  My husband and daughter are quite the picky eaters on way different things.  Like husband will not touch the stuff.  E is getting tired of rice, but doesn't like potatoes (not my kid!).  Neither are big on vegetables.  I will pretty much eat anything.  I try to eat healthier now.  My only food aversions are: nuts, peanut butter (husbands fav), cheese, bananas, and pretty much any breakfast food.  There are some foods that I have texture issues with, but will eat if necessary (since I do the cooking I don't mind fixing myself a different meal).

My menu plan this week, was this:

Monday: Breakfast - chocolate chip oatmeal muffins Dinner: Shepard's Pie (must tweak onions and peppers)
Tuesday: Breakfast - muffins Dinner: Bacon Chicken Ranch (cut back on the ranch seasoning)
Wednesday: Breakfast - muffins (my kid really likes these) Dinner: out
Thursday: Breakfast - the last of the muffins or cereal Dinner: leftovers
Friday: Breakfast - donuts (yay Donut Friday) Dinner: sausage and peppers and chicken alfredo
Weekends are usually up in the air because of all the various activities.

I found the recipe for muffins here.
Bacon Chicken Ranch here. Crockpot recipe!!
Shepard's Pie here.

I will get better about taking/posting pictures of food.

I want to do a whole separate post on the rolls.  Really, I just want excuse to make them again.

Did I also mention I made triple chocolate brownies and strawberry cake batter rice krispy treats for an orchestra fundraiser?  What can I say...I love cooking/baking!!

I'm ready to plan my menu for next week...


  1. I'm so afraid of Pinterest. LOL I already spend about 80% of my day on the computer...

  2. Pinterest is soul sucking!! Avoid it!! lol


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