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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things I learned while skating today...

I went skating.  It was for a birthday party of a friend of our family's daughter.  We (my daughter, her friend, and my husband) had a great time.  Some things I learned while wheeling around in a giant circle:

Skating rinks haven't changed.  It is still the same light teal colored floor.  The walls are still the same design.  The disco ball is still in the center of the rink.  They still have the tiny lockers and the "game area".

Skating rinks have now added black lights.  They also now have a giant screen playing some videos too.  It was fun to see my Mickey Mouse socks glow in the dark. They also added this weird techno ball that will light up with the toxic symbol or curly cues.

The rink monitors or refs still wear the whistle, and the black and white ref jersey and still take every opportunity they can to show off their "mad skating skills".

I still love the dice game.  Even though this time, my husband talked me into switching corners and our corner got called out.  :(

I still do not love the limbo or speed skating.  I also do not think I would love playing dodgeball on skates either.  Sounds like a way to get knocked down easily.

More things I learned:

I still enjoy most of the music.  I only found myself calling the stuff they were playing "crap", twice.

I can still skate with ease.  I have been skating since I was 4.  I got my first pair of "my own skates instead of rentals" at 5.  My birthdays were mostly at the skating rink.

I find falling down on skates really scary now because I am afraid I might break something.  This means I will never play "wipeout".  I am not going to intentionally throw myself on the ground for entertainment.

I still have a little hokey in my pokey.  I was still able to jump off the ground maybe just not as high.

I still want to hold hands with a boy while I skate to a slow song.  Luckily my husband was there to foot that bill, or it could have been really awkward for someone

I still love skating.  Its great exercise, I just can't do it for as long now.  I used to be able to skate for all 5 hours on Friday and Saturday nights.  After about 2 1/2 hours today, I was pooped.

Overall, skating rinks in general haven't changed much, but my older body has.  Kids still will cut you off or try to run you over, so I am now more conscience of it.  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with my family.

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  1. So jealous! My mom used to roller-disco back in her day and I'm lucky if I can stay upright long enough for a full rotation. :p I was getting better for a while, but it was only a week we did that in gym. Our rink hand a plain wood floor. lol


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