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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Beautiful wet fat flakes fell from the sky today.  It was wonderful to sit and watch through my windows.  I had a hot cup of coffee and revealed at the beauty God created while doing my Bible study.  It was wonderful.

All after school activities were cancelled for E's school.  We headed to her voice/piano lessons.  As we pulled up, her voice teacher texted and asked me if E would like to go sledding with her 2 little girls.  So, we bundled up and headed to the park right behind her house and had a great time.  There were a ton of people there and the news too.  The girls sled with Elexis and they built a snowman.  It was very cold, but very fun.

It is currently still snowing.  E is praying for school closing tomorrow.  I am not going to lie, it would be nice to sleep in.

I leave you with pictures from today.

The tree in my backyard

My backyard

Cherrie watching the snow.


  1. Huh, I don't think we got any snow this past winter/spring... We've regularly gotten at least one day, but I think this time we just got rain. I don't mind. Roads are dangerous enough without it. :p

    1. We got more than we have in the past couple of years.


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