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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Menu Planning

I am back on the Menu Planning track.  Our schedule was so hectic there for a few weeks (my husband was working a butt load of overtime at work).  Now that we have some normalcy back, I am back to planning and organizing.  

The first thing I did this time is I wrote down a master list of stuff that my family loves (or would at least try).  That helped tremendously.  I still need to take everything out of my "pantry" (it's really a deep dark dungeon of a long cabinet) and see what all I have.  I also need to do the same for my fridge (hello yogurt that has been in there since Christmas).  But, I have our menu for this week.

Copycat Chick-fil-a chicken - baked not fried.  
Hubby went to help a friend with his resume.  Kiddo loved this one and she is hugely picky.  
Next time I will totally spray the wire rack before putting the chicken on it.
I tweaked this recipe from here.  

Leftovers for Elexis/ Summer Sausage Stir Fry 

Child has church with friends so we usually grab something out.  I am thinking Subway.

They will like broccoli, they will like broccoli, they will like broccoli...
If I say it enough, will it come true?? haha

Hot dogs
We have a musical and need something easy

I am going to batch make meatballs so I we will definitely have some type of meatball dish.
I am thinking Meatball sub on a stick
My family loves food on a stick

or some other pork variation.
I am trying to get to monthly planning, so I can do a big shopping trip for essentials and just make small ones for fresh stuff.  My goal next month is to do two weeks of planning at a time.  Crossing my fingers.  


  1. Love Subway. lol I'm not much for cooking, but your recipes make me drool!

    1. We love Subway. We used to eat there like 4 nights a week. We had to cut that back though. We still enjoy it when we get it now.

  2. I found the site where you got your Chick-Fil-A recipe to be pretty interesting. I just can't get into all that thinking that everything is BAD for us. We wouldn't eat anything at all if we delved that far into the foods of our nation. Can't wait to hear what you think of the beef and broccoli in the crockpot. Because it looks wonderful. I am thankful there isn't much that my family won't eat

    1. I don't read or watch any of those type of things. I hadn't really looked at the rest of the recipe. I just liked it because it was baked and not fried. I totally agree with no being able to eat anything if we believed all we read. I think some of those people are crack-balls and she may be one of them. I am intrigued now.


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