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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals

Okay so it's already the fifth and I haven't made my goal post yet.  So here goes...

Lets begin with January's goals:

1. Post regularly - starting right now, lets forget the past week, even though I am going to catch up on Stealing Sunday, I like doing those.  Ehh, I did okay.  I still would like to post more often than I do.  But I did lose a little bit of mojo.  It's coming back.

2.  Create and stick with a menu plan all month - so far so good this month, lets keep it up.  I have so far stayed good with this.  Sometimes I have to take it day by day because of our ever evolving schedule, but I have cooked most nights.  

3. Reconnect spiritually - Downloaded YouVersion on my computer and I am doing a few Bible studies  Every day I do this.  

4.  Get back to the gym - Now that Elexis is back in school, this should be easier Yes!  And not only that, I am up to running 1.8 miles on the treadmill without walking.  Furthest I have ever ran.  

5.  Declutter at least one room - I have already kind of reorganized my kitchen. Ehh, not so much.  No motivation because all I want to do is hibernate.  

6. Take more pictures.  - I haven't picked up my camera for about a week. I took pictures last week that I have edited, but I haven't posted.  It's too cold to go outside.  

7. Get school stuff worked out - start with figuring out what I want to do...haha.  I think I have it figured out.  Now I need to wait for Fall enrollment and figure out which school I want to go to.  

Ok, not bad.  A little more green than red.  I can handle that.  Now let's get on to February.

1.  Keep up with my blogs more regularly.  - I have a few things I want to talk about but kind of afraid of "laying it all out there".  I love the friendships I have made through all this and I want to continue to nurture.

2.  Keep the menu plan - It makes grocery shopping easier.  And knowing what we are eating is a big bonus.

3.  My gym goal this month is to be up to running for 27 minutes on the treadmill.  I don't know distance yet.  Right now I am running 22 minutes and I get 1.8.  I am trying to gradually increase it.  I only run every other day though.

4.  Get motivated to clean my house - I need to get back on a cleaning schedule.  It worked very well.

5.  Still want to declutter - maybe the bathroom first??  It's little...

6.  Complete a house project - I have a giant list.  I need to start tackling it.

7.  Get creative with my camera - I guess it's time to start doing food pictures again.  I can do those inside.

8. Get creative in general - Valentine's Day should help with that.  Elexis and I will make valentine goodies for her friends.  I personally don't like V-Day, but I do get into the spirit for Elexis.

9. Stick to my budget - I did extremely well with this in January.  Now hopefully that will carry over into this month.


  1. Congrats on the running! I wish I was one of those people that enjoys running, but.... I so don't. lol It can be tough deciding what to post and what not to post. That's the luxury, though, of having a personal blog with a smaller (tight-knit) following. You can get a better feel for your readers and yours (from what I've seen in comments) seem pretty cool. Don't let fear hold you back from sharing something important. Especially if you feel like you "have" to get it out of you. ^_^ That's my two cents, anyway.

    1. Don't get me wrong...I hate running. I hate exercising. Any excuse I can find not to go to the gym...I will find it. Your right, I shouldn't let fear hold me back and you guys could probably give me some good insight.

  2. I agree with Lizzy! It is your blog and you can share what you like. You know me....I lay it all out there. It helps to cleanse my soul. I think you did very well with your goals. Keep it up. I envy your liking to exercise. I hate I don't

    1. I don't like to exercise. I despise the days that I have to run. But, it is my goal this year to run a 5K. Just so I can say that I have done it. My husband bought a gym membership back in July. I didn't use it for 2 months and then decided I might as well since we are paying for it.


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