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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Orchestra Contests

Two of my weekends in April were filled with orchestra contests.  I love that my daughter plays the cello.  Neither my husband or I play any musical instruments, so I find it fascinating that our daughter plays both the cello and the piano.  Last year she joined orchestra.  The teacher was not a good teacher. He was a band guy trying to teach stringed instruments.  My daughter hated the cello.  She did not want to continue playing it.  Over the summer we convinced her to take a two week summer camp from another teacher (who is absolutely fantastic and we love her).  It was a Rockin Strings camp.  They played songs like Firework by Katy Perry and Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and other popular songs.  She had a blast and learned way more from that teacher than from a year with her school teacher.  She decided to give orchestra another shot.  

This year our school got a new orchestra teacher.  She has a strong orchestra background and can play all the instruments.  My daughter now loves the cello.  We bought her a cello (a fun story that I must share sometime). Not only is she first chair in her school orchestra (and has been all year), but she also plays in a multi-city orchestra.  Her section leader is the same teacher that she took the camp with over the summer.  She is auditioning for an honors orchestra in a couple of weeks.  We bought her a couple of Disney cello books (go and  She has been learning a few of those on her own at night.  

Okay, so anyway, back to the first weekend in April.  We drove two hours away to a contest in Pawnee Oklahoma.  I saw lots of great scenery on the way (the picture from this post was taken on the way back from the contest). 

The orchestra did very well.  Every time I hear them they get better and better.  They came in second at this contest.  Elexis had a great time with her friends on the bus (I drove separately).  They took lots of pictures and made great memories.  

After we got home from the contest.  We had her cousin's 13th birthday party.  It was a dodgeball party.  I played a few games.  It was fun.  I am good at dodging the ball...not so much with trying to get people out.  My strategy was dodge the ball and get balls for my team mates.  It was fun.  

The weekend was exhausting but fun!!  I love being an orchestra parent. 


  1. Good for you and your daughter. My granddaughter did the drums in the grade school band for two years but it was such a struggle to get her to practice like she was supposed to that we had a Pow WOW made a decision and sold the drums. Life is much quieter at our house without the drums :) That includes the arguing about practice!

    1. You are a brave brave woman for listening to the drums. :) Luckily for us, practicing is not an issue because her orchestra teacher this year has opened up practicing before and after school. So, Elexis goes on average 3 times a week. We are trying to keep her interested by letting her play stuff that she likes to play at home. That includes the piano too. My brother played the drums in high school. He was constantly banging on stuff...I wanted to break his sticks. lol

  2. How exciting! Adrian has been in orchestra and band, and I so love watching school children participate in any type of music program.

    1. Me too! I am amazed every time she plays. I am glad Elexis chose to stick it out. What instruments did Adrian play?


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