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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Conversations about Zombies

So, yesterday morning I was driving my daughter to school.  We have some great conversations.  This one went something like this:

E: Mom, What does cataclysmic mean?
Me: (looking it up on my phone) a violent upheaval that causes great destruction or fundamental change (source)
E: So, the same thing as an apocalypse?
Me: Kind of, you can't survive an apocalypse, but you could possibly survive something cataclysmic.
E: What about a zombie apocalypse, can you survive that?  
Me: Zombies aren't real
E: But, what if they were real?
Me:  Then, yes I could survive it because I will just ride in on my magical unicorn and stab them with it's horn.  
E: I'll get my dragon...

We both found this conversation extremely humorous.

This morning, while having Donut Friday on Thursday (she has early practice on Friday morning); we were telling the conversation to my husband.  We had yet another funny conversation.  A little back information: My husband is in IT and is a database admin.  He writes code for stuff not using spaces.

(after telling story to my husband S)
S: Well, zombies are real.
Me: Oh, you are one of "those"
S: No, really people who did not prep when disaster strikes are called zombies because they will savage for and do anything to survive.
Me:  huh?
S: I said that at first too, but a friend (who runs a prepper store) was telling me that is what they were called.  Look it up. Google zombies space prepping
-so that is exactly what I googled "zombies space prepping"
Me: This is about alien zombies
S: What did you type in?  
-I showed him
S: You weren't supposed to put the word space in.  I just told you that so you knew to put a space in.
Me: Did you not think I would put a space in between words?? Why would you tell me space unless you didn't want me to include it?  We don't say "space" in between words when we talk...  You are in the real world and not coding world right now.  I know to put spaces in between words.
S: I can't believe you actually typed the word "space"
E: The zombies are going to eat you first, Dad.

I am sure the people sitting behind us were thinking we are crazy.  
Our mornings were filled with unicorns, dragons, zombies, and apparently aliens...haha


  1. What a fun conversation! We are always talking about crazy things at our house too. So much fun :)Simply Sarah

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah. I'm checking out your blog now. We love crazy conversations. It makes the mornings interesting.

  2. Ha Ha I would have loved to been eavesdropping!

    1. Had I not been there for the conversations, I would so have loved to eavesdrop on them too.

  3. This is fabulous! You guys sound like a fun family!

    1. Thanks! We have crazy conversations all the time. I need to start writing them down. It's only been 6 days...but dang girl, I have missed you!!

  4. Daddy would be king of the stupid people to survive the zombie apocolypse. BTW I <3 you Mommy

  5. I just <3 you guys and would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall hearing those conversations. It's obvious your daughter is quit-witted and has a good sense of humor....two awesome traits! And seriously, my hats off to the hubs....anyone that can decipher/write code is up there in my book. I just don't get ALL.

    1. She is very quick witted...sometimes too much for her own good. I totally agree about the code writing stuff. I look at it and all I see is Chinese. He is very good at what he does. I am very in awe of his talent.

  6. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! My son, Drew (8) is the same way! We've had lengthy conversations about how we will fight zombies with his "diamond armor" (an aspect of Minecraft) another conversation that I'm BORED TO TEARS OF!!!!!!

    (and for the record, NO ONE says "space" unless they want you to TYPE space. You're NOT a moron!)

    1. Hahaha.. I am soo glad mine does not play that game. A lot of her friends do, and I hear enough from that

      That's what I told him. I also told him he needed to turn work off and leave the code speak at the door.


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