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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Conversation about being buried alive

I have another conversation story.  This time we were in the car on the way to the mall.  My daughter got a Mythbusters book yesterday.  She was asking us which myths we though were true or false.  She got to one that was based around being buried alive.  Here is the conversation.

E: Ok, Can a person survive a funeral in a casket and be buried alive?
Me: I say yes, they wouldn't live long after being buried because they would run out of oxygen.
Hubby: I don't think so...
E: Well, what if it did happen?
Me: Ok, listen up guys, I want to be buried with an oxygen tank in my casket.
Hubby: <laughs>
Me: I'm serious.  Oh, and I want a shovel. And a pickaxe.  And a flashlight.
Hubby:  You really think we are going to not notice you are not dead??
Me:  Well, you never know.  Those Chinese contortionists can slow their breathing and heart rate down enough to appear dead.
E: The carbon dioxide would kill you first, mom.
Me: Nah, I will get out.  Oh, and I am going to need a small saw and some water.  I am going to need to stay hydrated during all the digging.  Oh, and some goggles so the dirt doesn't get in my eyes.
Hubby: How are you going to get the hole started in the casket to saw your way out?
Me: I guess I am going to need one of those little hand crank drill thingys.
Hubby: Why don't we just get you a collapsable casket?
E: Because then she will be crushed to death.
Me: Yeah!
Hubby:  If I were buried alive; I would just want my cell phone with a long wire and a solar panel on top of the grave to keep it charged.
Me: You would die then, because looters would so take the solar panel. Oh, and I am putting it in my will so you two be forewarned about what all I want to be buried with.
Hubby:  haha okay

We laughed a lot during our conversation.  A little note about me, I use hand gestures a lot.  So I demonstrated how the pickaxe and the drill were going to work.

Thanks Mythbusters for providing entertaining conversations for my family.


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