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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photos from Easter

I love my camera.  I took a lot of photos over Easter.  I had a great time with my family, but this post will pretty much be a photo dump.  Enjoy...

 egg flower
 lemon cake I made for my mom
 Crazy eggs
teal egg

 My aunt totally posed for this.
 cupcakes I made
 My cousin's little girl
 My cousins and I (I am in the red)
 My aunts, uncle and mom
my family minus 4 cousins
Ok, there are a lot more, so I made a Flickr account and you can find more pictures here.


  1. Girl, I TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED to get pictures.... what a joke with a 3 year old. He's a turd!

    And I didnt' color eggs either... why? Because I Knew he'd DUMP it on the floor and then I'd have neon orange stained hard woods! :o/

    1. 3 year olds are impossible to wrangle into pictures. There were a few there, I didn't even get pictures of because of all the running around. You enjoyed the day with him though. I totally do not blame you for not dyeing eggs. We didn't do it for years for that very reason. You don't want to have to explain every time someone comes over, why you have neon orange hard woods. lol Better luck next year.


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