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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunday Stealing (on Tuesday)

The Generic Meme

From Remember the Stars

1. What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to be a teacher or a veterinarian surgeon.  I used to make my brother and cousins be my students.  I didn't just want to be a regular vet, I wanted to perform surgery, that is until my dog chewed her own leg off (true story it happened on Christmas Eve when I was 15).  After that, I wanted to stick with something that wasn't so icky.

2. Would you prefer to have a large group of friends, or a small group of friends? Why? I love a small group of good friends.  I don't feel like I have time for the friends I have, I couldn't imagine trying to keep up with more.  I do like big game nights though.  

3. What is your fashion “style”? Or what type of clothes do you wear on a daily basis? I call it mom fashion.  I wear jeans if I am going out (the same pairs I have had for 10 years), a t shirt (usually with a Disney theme or a musical my daughter has been in), if it's cold I will wear a hoodie (I have about 15 from various places we've been), and athletic shoes.  Oh, and Mickey Mouse socks.  

4. If you could live anywhere where would you live? I would live in Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disney World.  

5. What is your biggest hope for the next year? That I will be able to be a better person.

6. When you pass by reflective surfaces do you check yourself out? It depends, but I pretty much look the same from day to day, so if I do, it will be to see if I sat in something or gotten something on me.

7. Favorite genre of movie as well as TV show? Movies: hands down Disney (who didn't see that coming).  TV show: HGTV or sitcom

8. Top favorite books? (limit of 5) Where the Red Fern Grows, To Kill A Mockingbird, Stephanie Plum series, Hunger Games series, and I am really enjoying the Harry Potters.

9. Have you ever taken a cooking class? Does Home Ec. count?  If not, then no.  I am self taught from an early age.

10. What three words would you use to describe yourself? complicated, high maintenance, friendly

11. Favorite animal? Hippo!

12. What is your dream job? To be Belle at Disney World

13. If you could go back in history to any moment that you did not live, what would it be and why? I would love to be at the signing of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution.  I think it is such a fascinating time in US history.

14. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? I would want to be invisible so I could really be a "fly on the wall".  

15. What is your favorite movie? Beauty and the Beast and the Fast and the Furious series.

16. What is your best childhood memory? Being at my grandma's house.  Also my 9th birthday was pretty awesome.  I had a bunch of girls sleep over and we mattress surfed down the stairs, had a fashion show, watched movies and had the best time.  The next day we went skating.  

17. What is your favorite part about blogging? All of the people I have met.  I love reading about their lives and hearing their stories.  I love listening to people's stories because they usually involve something I have never dreamed of being or doing.  

18. What is your favorite quote? 

This quote is on my checks too.

One of my new favorites.

19. What song do you feel like describes your life the best? Why? Bon Jovi's It's My Life.  I love the lyrics.  

20. Would you describe yourself as shy or outgoing? I am very outgoing.  I don't know strangers, just friends I haven't met yet...haha!  I have always been outgoing.


  1. Maybe when you 'finally grow up you can be Belle" You crack me up!!

  2. I love the quote about change. To Kill a Mockingbird is on my list to read.

  3. You? A better person?! Lady you are already practically a superhero in my book, I dunno how much better of a person you can be! So... good luck with that. ;)

  4. I had to scroll immediately to the comments -- YOUR DOG CHEWED ITS OWN LEG OFF???#@?!$?@?!$ What the HECK?

    I <3 your style! :) I wear my hoodie that has a boston terrier on it! :) hahahah It's new and hasn't been adequately broken in. I need to send you my Disney sweatshirt!

    HIGH MAINTENANCE? You just said you have had the same jeans for 10 years, wear tennis shoes and hoodies -- you need another adjective sister!


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