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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lamborghini Drive

Ok, so I still haven't gotten my menu up yet, even though I have been following it.  It has been an extremely busy week.  It always is during productions of musicals whether I am helping heavily or just a little.  On Thursday, my mom had her gallbladder removed so I was with her most of the day that day.  On Friday I watched my honorary nieces while their mom had to go and have some tests run (she's fine) and then I went with hubby to finally get his Christmas present.

For Christmas I found a groupon for my husband to drive either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.  He was over the top thrilled.  It has always been on his bucket list.   So Friday was the day.  He LOVED it.  He loved it so much he talked me into driving it as well.  So I did.  I was a little more cautious than he was.  He probably topped out at about 90 to 100 miles while my top speed was 72.  I went from 15 to 72 in about 1.5 to 3 seconds.  It was such a rush.  Had I had a longer straight away, I would have maxed out that sucker on speed.  But, the guide in the car with me scared me a little.  He told me (before I even started driving) that if I didn't break when he told me to on the straight away, that no matter how much I turned the wheel to go into the turn, the car would continue to go straight.  Well straight there was a giant trailer there and I did not want to hit that, so yes, I was a bit cautious in my driving.  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon with my husband though.  He would now like to buy one of those cars and he wants to go back next weekend to drive the Ferrari.  Here are a few pictures of the day.

P.S.  I am loving my hair.  I forget that it's way shorter now and people comment how cute it is.

Hubby taking off.  He is smiling ear to ear.

Him hitting the straight away.

Rounding his first corner.

I was videoing at the same time with my phone.

His new love.

Getting my instructions.  

The Ferrari.

Hitting my first turn.

What a fun ride

Look at the smile on his face.  He loved his Christmas present.  

Off to see my first of two musicals for the day.  Be ready for pictures from Willy Wonka hopefully tomorrow.  


  1. OMG How fun! ^_^ Although.... *looks around*... probably would be best if he didn't get one. lol Big difference between getting to drive one the way it's "meant" to be driven and knowing you got all that horsepower out on legal streets. I don't understand why they even make cars that can go that fast...


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